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How to safely operate a chipping hammer

Chipping hammers, sometimes also known as scaling hammers, are used in the welding industry to remove welding slag and spatter from welds. They are heavy, robust tools that should only be used by those who have received proper training. The main part of the hammer removes slag from the weld, whilst the wide, flat part is used to remove spatter from alongside the weld. Some chipping hammers feature interchangeable chisels and can be used for a variety of demolition and construction jobs including woodwork.

Safe use of a chipping hammer

When using a chipping hammer, as is the case when using any tool at work, you should ensure that you have received proper training and know how to use it safely. The chipping hammer should be regularly checked and well-maintained, and will need to be sharpened when it becomes blunt. When working with a chipping hammer, personal protective equipment (PPE) should always be worn – long sleeves to protect your arms, heavy duty gloves, a face mask and safety goggles should be worn, as dust and debris can fly everywhere. Your employer has a duty to protect you at work and should provide you with PPE free of charge; it’s important to check that both the hammer and the PPE are in good condition before starting work, as faulty safety goggles or face masks could lead to injury.

Injuries caused by chipping hammers

When working with a chipping hammer you could inhale dust, debris or slag, which could make you ill – this is why it’s so important to wear a face mask. You could also suffer an injury to your eyes if you don’t wear safety goggles. Other injuries could include cuts and bruises from flying debris or from not taking proper care when using the hammer.

Accidents at work involving chipping hammers

If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident at work with a chipping hammer, then you could claim for compensation. You’ll need to prove that the accident was someone else’s fault, for example because your employer didn’t provide you with PPE.

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