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How to safely handle boiling water

Boiling water is no laughing matter; a minor slip, trip or fall can cause severe injuries to you and others around you. Due to this, you need to take extra care when handling it to make sure you don’t harm yourself or anyone else. Here are our tips to safely handling boiling water.

Be very careful when walking to avoid a slip, trip or fall

When you are walking you should always look where you are going but you should be extra careful when carrying boiling water. A slight slip, trip or fall could cause water to splash onto your skin and cause painful burns. Not only this, but if anyone is around you then water could splash on them and so what would have been a minor slip, trip or fall injury had you not been carrying boiling water could turn in to a much more serious accident claim.

Make sure you are carrying it in a heatproof pot or with an oven glove

Boiling water is just that, boiling hot. So when you are handling it ensure that it is in a suitable container. If you are carrying it in a container which has become very hot then ensure you carry it using a towel or oven glove to avoid your hands becoming burnt and possibly ending in a slip, trip or fall from being unable to hold it any longer. Also, make sure you are holding the pot firmly and it does not slip from your grip as the contents could cause a worse injury than that of a slip, trip or fall.

These are the main things to remember whilst handling boiling water to make sure you are safe and avoid any injuries or accidents such as a slip, trip or fall. But, accidents can and do happen, if you have had a slip, trip or fall within the last 3 years that wasn’’t your fault you may be able to make an accident claim.

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