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How safe is your holiday hotel balcony?

Holidays are a time for relaxing and unwinding. However, every trip, from a quick getaway to an adventure of a lifetime, can take on the air of a nightmare following a serious accident on holiday.

Whilst the reassuring safety net of making a travel accident compensation claim is always there, the memories of your trip will forever be sullied by something serious if you’ve been injured.

How can I avoid having to claim for travel accident compensation after an accident on a hotel balcony?

  • The first step to ensuring your safety on holiday is to do as much research into your destination as possible. Not all countries have the same attitude to health and safety as the UK, whilst the standards and general design of buildings could also be considerably different.
  • Next you need to take a thorough look at your hotel. Descriptions and pictorial evidence can only go so far, so try and find out about the experiences of previous guests, particularly those with a similar make-up to your travelling party.
  • The issue of hotel balcony safety whilst on holiday is a particularly pertinent subject for families with young children. Given the capacity of young people to explore with scant regard for safety, it’s more important than ever that you yourself are vigilant and on guard.

Be wary that the balcony of your hotel room may be:

  • Constructed at a low height or with rails that make it easy for people, particularly children, to fall over or slip through.
  • Designed with furniture on it which can tempt youngsters to climb
  • Constructed with walls or railings that may not actually withstand being leaned on.

Once you have reached your destination, avoid holiday accidents from your hotel balcony by:

  • Not leaving children alone and unsupervised on the balcony.
  • Locking the doors to the balcony when not in use
  • Not leaning on the balcony unless it can take the load, and never be tempted to sunbathe on the wall lest you fall asleep.
  • Moving all the external furniture away from the edges and the balcony wall to prevent any climbing accidents on holiday.

If you do suffer injuries on holiday, then Accident Advice Helpline can assist you with a claim for holiday accident compensation.

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