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Running accident claims

Running may not seem a particularly dangerous sport, but as with any sport, you could be injured whilst taking part in running practice or an event. Whilst we all take a certain degree of responsibility for our own safety when participating in sports (and expect a certain level of risk), it may be that you have been injured in an accident that was somebody else’s fault. Accident Advice Helpline has handled hundreds of running accident claims over the past 16 years. If you’re wondering how you could be involved in a running accident, or the types of injuries you could sustain from a running accident, then keep reading.

How were you injured?

We have handled running accident claims for a range of different types of injuries, and in most cases, it’s easy to ascertain who is liable for a running accident. For example, if you were injured whilst running on an indoor track, after tripping on damaged ground, the operator/owner of the athletics track could be held liable. If you have suffered injuries whilst taking part in a marathon or other organised running event, the event organisers could be held responsible.

As you can see, there is a chance for running accident claims to be a possibility where negligence has come into play. A good example would be the substandard nature of a running track, or any other facility provided in that location. If you took part in a large event out on the streets, there should be ample support in place and enough people involved to ensure the whole thing is a success. There should also be first aid stations where runners can receive help if required.

How can you work out if someone was negligent?

Since running accident claims can only be lodged when negligence was to blame, you must have evidence this was true of your situation. Sometimes, however, it can be hard to work out if this was applicable to your case.

When events are organised, the organisers must adhere to a range of health and safety laws. They must risk-assess the event and make it as safe as possible. If this was not the case in your situation, and you suffered an injury, you may have enough evidence to go ahead with a claim. For example, ensuring the event was not overcrowded by limiting the number of runners taking part would be a good idea. If there was no limit to entry and the event led to one or more people suffering from crush injuries (very rare, but it could happen), you might have cause to claim.

Did you get any treatment for your injuries?

You need to ensure that you receive treatment for injuries sustained from a running accident, in order to be eligible to claim personal injury compensation. Running accident claims will only be put forward in cases where people have proof of the injuries they want to claim compensation for.

This might mean a trip to your doctor, or if the injury was obviously more serious, a trip to casualty. This might apply if you thought you had broken a bone, or you weren’t sure if you suffered a nasty sprain or a fracture. A record of your visit will be kept, and that record can then be accessed as part of the running accident claims procedure that must legally be followed.

We’ll usually need to obtain copies of medical reports from your doctor detailing what treatment you received. Whether you have suffered minor injuries after a slip, trip or fall or a more serious injury such as a head injury or broken bones, we should be able to help you once you get in contact with our team.

Running accident claims – how likely are they to be successful?

If you’re sitting around after your accident wondering how to claim compensation for a running accident, it’s time to get in touch with Accident Advice Helpline. There’s no need to worry about the cost of making a running accident claim, as our lawyers provide a no win no fee service. So, whether you have suffered a minor injury or a more serious injury that has led to time off work, you could find yourself eligible to claim compensation for your pain, suffering and loss of earnings.

It is understandable to be confused, worried, or concerned about the chances of claiming anything. Compensation can and has made a big difference to those in similar situations who have received it already. Perhaps you will be one of the next claimants to realise how reassuring it can be to receive that award if one is agreed for you. But if you aren’t sure where to turn, and you have lots of questions that need to be answered, we can provide all the information you need.

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