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RSI accident

An RSI accident (Repetitive Strain Injury accident) in the workplace is also sometimes referred to as a WRULD accident, which stands for a “Work Related Upper Limb Disorder” accident. The reason (unsurprisingly) is that the majority of RSIs do indeed relate to the upper limbs, nerves, muscles and tissues.

The most common RSIs that are associated with the workplace include:

HAVS – Hand, Arm Vibration Syndrome

HAVS often results from the regular use of hand-held power tools. Typical symptoms include things like a tingling sensation and/or numbness in the fingers, and a loss of strength and/or feeling in the fingertips, which often turn white, particularly when the weather is cold. Outside of work, this can sometimes cause a disruption to sleep patterns. The symptoms of HAVS tend to get worse with continued use of power tools, and can result in permanent numbness and loss of feeling in the hands and fingers.


Although normally associated with the elderly, osteoarthritis also occurs in younger people through the continued wear and tear of some manual tasks. It results in joint damage usually to the joints of the last fingers, and the base of the thumbs. It can also affect the knees, big toes and feet.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that results in pain, numbness, and a tingling sensation in the hand and the fingers. It’s brought about by repetitive pressure being put on the tendons and the median nerve which manages the feelings and movement of the hand.

Repeated pressure on this nerve can cause a disruption to nerve signals which adversely affects hand control and the feelings in fingers and fingertips. As well as affecting those involved in repetitive tasks of manual labour, it also affects those working for protracted periods of time with computer keyboards.

Failure to mitigate a hazard in the workplace can result in an RSI accident

With the right level of training and awareness, (and where appropriate, the issuing of appropriate PPE – Personal Protective Equipment), most instances of RSIs can be avoided altogether. It is the employer’s responsibility to carry out the necessary risk assessments and where hazards are identified to mitigate. Failure to do so, entitles any employee who suffers an RSI accident in the workplace, to launch a personal injury claim for compensation, which is where we here at Accident Advice Helpline come into the picture.

Getting an estimate for an RSI compensation claim

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