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Road traffic accidents caused by diesel spills

Every day, millions of people hit Britain’s roads. Most manage to negotiate the journey without any issues at all, but there’s always a risk of road accidents. Whether you’re just popping out to the shop or you’re embarking on a road trip, it’s wise to bear safety measures in mind to increase the chances of travelling from A to B without encountering any problems. Often, drivers are to blame for accidents, but sometimes accidents caused by diesel spills can occur. If you’ve injured in road traffic accidents caused by diesel spills, call Accident Advice Helpline to claim compensation.

Diesel spills can lead to road accidents

When you’re driving, you can often come across hazards at the last minute. If you drive over a patch of road covered in diesel in a car, you probably won’t notice much difference in your ability to handle the car. However, if you’re on board a motorcycle, accidents caused by diesel spills are a real possibility. When you’re trying to maintain your balance on a motorcycle, and you hit a patch of road affected by a diesel spill, it can be incredibly dangerous. The bike can lose grip on the road, and it can be very difficult to keep control and stay on board. In the winter months, when the roads are wet or icy, the risk of accidents on the road is even greater.

What causes diesel spills and what can I do after an accident?

In most cases, diesel spills occur when a driver fails to secure the fuel cap properly, or they fill the tank too full. In this case, fuel tends to leak when the vehicle tips slightly going around sharp corners or roundabouts. If you’ve been involved in a road accident as a result of slipping on diesel or you’ve been hit by another driver, you may have a case for road accident compensation.

If you’ve been injured in the last 3 years, you weren’t at fault for the motorcycle accident and you have evidence, such as police statements and medical reports, to back up your road accident claim, call Accident Advice Helpline now. We have more than 15 years of experience in helping clients who have been injured on the roads to claim no win no fee compensation. Our expert team of injury lawyers is ready and waiting to help you claim the compensation you deserve. Call now on 0800 689 5659 .