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Road traffic accident statistics

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident, the trauma it will cause you and every one else involved can sometimes be worse than the physical injuries you might of sustained.  Certainly one of the last things on your mind will be the road traffic accident statistics, even though you have just become one of them.

How road traffic accident statistics are compiled

There is no definite accurate figure for road traffic accident statistics as many accidents are not reported. In the year ending March 2013 there were nearly 200,000 road traffic accidents that involved land or air ambulances being called because of serious injuries and deaths, but the government estimates that if all accidents were reported this figure would exceed 500,000 and might be as high as 750,000. 

Becoming one of the road traffic accident statistics

Being involved in an accident that was not your fault could mean that you become one of the road traffic accidents statistics.  It could also mean that you are entitled to act on the UK law that says you are entitled to compensation if:

  • The accident was not your fault
  • You sustained injuries, whether they are physical or mental does not matter
  • Your injuries were severe enough to require medical attention
  • The accident happened some time in the last three years

In these circumstances the guilty party should compensate you for the suffering they have caused you to endure.

Fatalities in road traffic accident statistics

Unfortunately, some road accidents end with victims losing their lives – on average this happens to 5 people a day on UK roads.  Although this figure is still too high, it is much better than in the 1980s when the average was 15 lost lives on the roads every day.

Since then motor vehicles have become a lot faster and the volume of traffic on our roads has increased by an enormous amount.  In spite of this, vehicles and roads have all been made safer and this is why there is a drop in fatalities.

Now we need to work towards reducing this even further, so that there are fewer bereaved families having to make fatal injury claims.

Whether it is an injury claim or a fatality claim, Accident Advice Helpline can help

Any type of accident, not just road traffic ones, come within the scope of personal injury claims.  At Accident Advice Helpline in the last 13 years we have dealt with them all and have handled them all with professionalism and proficiency.

We specialise in personal injury claims – for both injuries and fatalities.  We will ensure that every aspect of the accident is investigated and that the correct amount of compensation is awarded.

Most claimants start their claim by completing our 30-second test™ because they like to have some idea of the potential compensation they could receive.  But it is not the only way, you can also call our friendly and helpful advisers on 0800 680 0500.  They will discuss your circumstances with you, and help you decide if making a claim is the best way forward for you. They will do this without any pressure or obligation to continue.