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Reporting an office accident

What you need to know about reporting an office accident

Do you know where your workplace accident book is kept? Do you know how to go about reporting an office accident?

Your employer has a duty to protect you at work, to record any accidents and injuries in an accident book and to allow you time off work if you need it. You may also be entitled to sick pay while off. The amount may depend on your employment contract and may be limited to Statutory Sick Pay.

If there are serious injuries from an office accident then these must, by law, be reported to the Health and Safety Executive.

The accident book

Again, by law, employers must keep an accident book for recording any accidents or incidents in the workplace, however insignificant. By reporting an office accident, health and safety issues can be rectified and adjusted to prevent further accidents.

The information to be included in the accident book should include the date and full details of the circumstances in which injuries occurred. The when, where and how to put it simply. Details of the injuries and any witnesses should, of course, be included together with any first aid given. The accident book should contain only the facts and not opinions.

Have you been injured in the office?

Unfortunately office accidents happen despite our employer’s best intentions to keep us safe. However, if you were not to blame for your accident, then you should claim personal injury compensation. Your employer will have insurance in place to cover such an eventuality.

You will need to have had medical attention for your injuries and your accident must have happened within the past three years. Evidence to show you weren’t to blame will also be needed and entries in an accident book could support your case.

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