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Repetitive Strain Injury: Cooks

It may seem like the least of your worries when working in a kitchen, however, a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) can be one of the most painful of the minor work-related injuries.

Accidents at work, including those in the kitchen, vary in severity. Although cooks work with knives, industrial equipment and other potentially life-threatening objects, an RSI can prevent a chef from being able to perform their normal duties.

Accidents at work: What is an RSI?

An RSI can occur in any profession in which duties require strain to be repetitively put on one or more areas of the body.

As can be imagined, this varies greatly from dealing with vibrating equipment to sitting at a computer screen. In the catering industry, actions such as twisting jars open, chopping vegetables and using some kitchen tools can lead to an RSI.

Kitchen workers typically work with their hands, on their feet, for long hours in hot, busy conditions. Accidents at work, and RSIs, are almost inevitable.

Who is to blame for a work-induced RSI?

Although the tasks undertaken in a kitchen are expected, your health and wellbeing while at work are legally the responsibility of your employer.

Should you have sustained an RSI due to a repetitive activity you have undertaken at work, then your employer could be to blame for your injury. Variables including your working hours and the intensity of the tasks given to you can also encourage the onset of RSI.

Claiming personal injury compensation for your RSI

It may be possible to claim compensation for your RSI. Ask yourself:

  • Am I sure that my injury was sustained in the last three years?
  • Can I prove that I was not liable, or my employer was liable, for the injury I have suffered?
  • Do I have proof that I have suffered an RSI?

If you can answer yes to the above questions, a law firm, such as Accident Advice Helpline, may be able to help you with your claim for personal injury compensation.

How a law firm can help

Accident Advice Helpline can help by taking the stress out of the legal process. Rather than fighting a losing battle from the offset, you will be advised of the eligibility of your claim and if it is likely that it will be successful.

Should you decide to proceed, Accident Advice Helpline will assign your claim to their most suitable solicitor, who will fight your corner to ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.