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Repetitive strain injury advice

Workers across all industries are at risk of developing a repetitive strain injury. It falls into the category of upper limb disorders and is generally caused from repeating the same motion over and over again.

If you need repetitive strain injury advice, call Accident Advice Helpline. Our well-trained staff will be able to give you more information and assist you in making a repetitive strain injury claim.

What is repetitive strain injury?

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a condition that affects your upper limbs, more specifically, the ligaments, tendons, muscles, soft tissues and joints in your upper body. This includes your neck, arms, shoulders, wrists and fingers.

People who work with computers or on assembly lines are often at risk for this type of strain injury. Uncomfortable working positions or postures, repetitive motion, continuous or extreme force and insufficient rest periods during work can all lead to developing RSI.

Can I make a compensation claim for repetitive strain injury?

Under United Kingdom law, your employer has a duty to control the risks associated with your work. This includes managing the risks of developing repetitive strain injury. The Health and Safety Executive has suggested a list of guidelines for employers to follow in order to minimise the risks associated with this type of injury. Your employer should:

  • Look around and assess which jobs may cause RSI
  • Decide on the level of risk – how likely is it that harm to an employee will occur?
  • Make changes that will help reduce the identified risks
  • Help employees suffering from RSI when they return to work
  • Provide sufficient information and training on how employees can control their risk of developing a repetitive strain injury

If your employer has failed to do these things and you have suffered a repetitive strain injury, you could be entitled to make a claim.

Repetitive strain injury advice – how to prevent RSI

Some of the top risk factors for developing an RSI and how to combat them, include the following:

Repetitive movement

  • Take more frequent, shorter breaks instead of one longer lunch break.
  • Try and change the task you are busy with so that you do not end up doing the same thing for a long period.

Handling heavy objects

  • Use lifting aids or levers.
  • Make more trips with lighter items rather than one trip with a heavy load. If the load cannot be broken into smaller parts, try and slide it rather than carry it.

Uncomfortable working environment – for example, working with hot or cold items or in poor lighting conditions)

  • Your employer should make sure you have a comfortable working temperature and adequate lighting.

Repetitive strain injury compensation claims

If your employer has failed to provide you with a safe working environment and this has resulted in a repetitive strain injury, you could be entitled to a compensation claim.

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