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How to reach for top shelf supermarket items safely

Without wishing to sound melodramatic, even the most simple and seemingly mundane tasks of everyday life have the potential to cause serious and painful personal injuries. One such job is supermarket shopping. Millions of us do this everyday and do so whilst pretty much on autopilot. However, accidents in supermarkets are more common than perhaps you might think, and can be caused by all manner of things.

Supermarket accidents –slips, trips and falls

The example that immediately springs to mind when discussing accidents in supermarkets is customers suffering slips or falls. Whether this is caused by stray items dotted across the aisles, a spillage on the floor or residual rain water creating slippery surfaces, the consequences of accidents in public such as supermarket slips can be as painful as they are distressing.

Supermarket accidents: Straining for the top shelf

A common and well-known type of supermarket accident is that of customers getting into trouble when trying to reach items on the top shelves. Most supermarkets stack their products in such a way as to ensure that the vast majority of customers can reach them safely and easily.

However, in scenarios where this is not the case, the best course of action is as follows:

  1. Ask for help –- whether you flag down an employee or request help from a fellow customer, this is by far and away the safest and most sensible option. If a member of staff cannot reach, then they will have access to the equipment, such as stools, necessary.
  2. Stay stable –- if you are going to attempt to reach it yourself, then make sure you start from a solid base. Both feet must stay in contact with the floor at all times otherwise you may overbalance and suffer a public fall.
  3. Get a grip -– no supermarket product is worth suffering a head injury to get hold of. Therefore, if you cannot get a safe grip on the item and retrieve it without causing a cascade of surrounding products, then wait for help to arrive.

If you are the victim of injuries in a supermarket, it’s worth remembering that you may well be due some public accident compensation. Our legal team at Accident Advice Helpline has over 15 year’s’ experience in dealing with such claims and work on a no win no fee basis. Give the freephone advice line a call today on 0800 689 5659.