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Public Transport Accident

Have you ever considered how you could become involved in a public transport accident? Not many people have, and yet hundreds are injured every year on trains, coaches, and buses. One of the problems is overcrowding, especially in big cities like London. Rush hour is the worst time of course, when the tubes and buses are absolutely jam-packed full.

Injuries that could be sustained from a public transport accident range from the minor things like sprains and bruises to the major things like broken limbs, head, spinal injuries and even fatalities.

Knowing how to stay safe and avoid a public transport incident

Knowing how to stay safe and avoid a public transport accident is really a case of common sense. Most coaches are now fitted with seat belts, and of course so are planes, and you should make use of them. But buses, trains, and tubes don’t have seat belts, so if you are travelling on this type of public transport, you will need to take whatever precautions you can.

Being seated where possible is the first thing you should look to do. If you have to stand up, you should hold on to a hand rail, or a hand-hold suspended from the roof of a tube train. If you have to put a bag or something on the floor, keep it between your feet to try and minimise the risk of tripping a fellow passenger up.

Who is liable for a public accident? If the accident is the fault of the driver of the vehicle you were riding on, the public transport provider will be the people to sue. If the accident was caused by another driver, or even a pedestrian; it is that other person who you will need to pursue.

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