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Product liability claim

People can disappoint. Promises and claims they make are not always kept – and it can be similar with products and equipment you buy. What it states on the box or bottle can fall short of expectations, but when these actually cause harm either to yourself or your property when used, that’s a different, more serious ball game.

Faulty goods

Despite all the safety measures in place for UK consumers, faulty goods cause accidents every day. Shocks and burns from electrical equipment and cuts and gashes from mechanical devices not properly safeguarded do happen. Hair products that can cause rashes and follicle loss as well as skin damage from other cosmetic and body-care horrors from sprays, liquids and creams can cause pain, suffering and even long-term scarring. Contaminated food of course is another area as is furniture. A stool which collapses has the potential to cause serious back injury. It may look funny to onlookers when it happens, but it can become no laughing matter for the victim.

Product liability claim

Any similar incidents can constitute the makings of a product liability claim and solicitors working for Accident Advice Helpline on a no win no fee basis take such matters very seriously. If you’ve become an injured consumer, whatever the product or circumstances in which you were not to blame, then give us a call. Our free-phone number 0800 689 5659 is answered at all hours, every day of the week, and one of our experts at the other end will quickly assess your claim. In just a mere 30 test they’ll need you to confirm that the accident happened within the last three years, you were faultless in the incident and that you received medical treatment for your injury. We’ll then set things on the road towards making a hopefully successful product liability claim through one of our 200 UK network lawyers, at no legal cost to you from the outset.

When you buy something new you expect it to have gone through lots of safety checks to make sure it’s suitable for public use. Obviously, much of the time this is what happens. However, accidents caused by defective or ill-made products still happen. Even dangerous ones can slip through the safety net to go on sale, with often dire consequences.

Trading Standards

If an accident happened to you this way, Accident Advice Helpline says the first step you should take is to report it to the seller and the Trading Standards Department of your local authority. If the accident is in the workplace, enter it in the accident book. In any event, wherever the location, take names and addresses of witnesses to the accident. You should also take photos of the offending product and keep the sales receipt. All of these will be needed as it may be required as evidence.

In the case of minor injuries relating to a product liability claim, much of the legal work can be done over the phone and by mail. So you won’t even have to travel to see a solicitor face to face. Accident Advice Helpline is regulated by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority and all our solicitors are members of The Law Society. We also have the support of TV consumer rights champion

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