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Steps to take to prevent a netball accident

If you understand the steps to take to prevent a netball accident, then you’ll save some heartache down the line for anyone who might potentially have such an accident. You may think that people who play netball don’t run much risk of hurting themselves, but actually, playing netball at any high level turns this schoolgirl favourite into a fast-paced, highly competitive team game, that can at times be as aggressive and unruly as any traditionally male sport.

Steps to take to prevent a netball accident

The steps to take to prevent a netball accident are simple:

  1. Make sure the court is swept clear of debris
  2. Ensure the court is not slippery, particularly in the wet
  3. Check the players have removed jewellery
  4. Ensure the players are wearing the correct clothing, particularly in relation to footwear
  5. Ensure the players know the rules
  6. Give any player who is becoming careless or dangerous, a ‘time-out’
  7. Make sure long hair is safely tied back
  8. Ensure players are aware of the rules of the game, and punish any infringements

Netball injuries

Here at Accident Advice Helpline we’ve seen every kind of injury it is possible for a human to have, and this includes netball injuries. The most common kind of netball injury, as you would probably imagine, are those resulting from tripping or slipping on the court. We see wrenched ankles, deep grazes, severe bruising and even fractures and facial injuries. There is also a tendency to see collision injuries. There’s plenty of variety and that keeps us, as a law firm claiming for your personal injuries, on our toes.

Claiming through Accident Advice Helpline

If you’ve had a netball injury, or any sporting injury, make the most of claiming compensation by asking a law firm to do it for you. Accident Advice Helpline, for example, is a law firm worth considering. We were established in the year 2000, and we’re now one of the most successful personal injury law firms in the UK. We’ve won our clients all the compensation they deserve, and you could be our next success story. Claiming is easy and usually means a single phone call through to the helpline.

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