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How to prevent a hiking accident

Knowing how to prevent a hiking accident could save your life

If you know how to prevent a hiking accident it could not only save your life, but the lives of fellow hikers.

One of the most important rules is never to hike alone. Many hikers do hike alone because they enjoy the solitude. It’s not recommended though, especially if you’re a novice.

Preparing for a hike

You should never go hiking without preparing for a worst case scenario. This shouldn’t deter you from enjoying hiking. On the contrary, being well prepared will make your hike more enjoyable. Knowing how to prevent a hiking accident will give you peace of mind.

Hiking with a group and an experienced guide on unfamiliar terrain is always advisable. Getting lost on a foggy hillside could be dangerous. Sudden changes in the weather are a notorious cause of hiking accidents.

An essential first aid kit is a good thing to take with you together with a torch, whistle, matches and some energy giving snacks. Take drinking water sufficient to keep you hydrated if you’re stranded for some time following an accident or illness.

Proper hiking boots and clothing to protect you from the sun, wind and rain are important. Heat stroke and hypothermia can kill. You need to know you can stay warm and dry if a storm arrives. Make sure your mobile phone is with you and fully charged.

Finally, a knowledge of the area in which you plan to hike is important. Do some planning before you go. Don’t rely on others who may get ill or hurt themselves and be unable to help you.

Accident Advice Helpline

If, despite your attempts to stay safe, you’ve been injured through no fault of your own then you need to speak to us.

We are experienced in helping with non-fault hiking accident claims and can help you get personal injury compensation for your injuries. Even if your accident happened up to three years ago we can assist you. You will need to have had medical attention for your injuries to be eligible.

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