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Potential hazards in the workplace

When you first look at your workplace you may not see it, but look again more closely and you will see all the potential hazards in the workplace, just waiting to cause someone an accident at work. Many we can prevent by simply being a bit tidier and organised, but others will need the management to change some things to avoid potential work accident claims.

What are the potential hazards in the workplace that could cause a work injury?

There are many different potential hazards lurking in the workplace, which may or may not have been spotted, but, are an accident at work claim waiting to happen. Here are some of the main hazards in the workplace.

Spillages and messes

Unless your office is sparkling clean and never a chair out of place then there will always be the occasional box, spill or fire extinguisher placed somewhere it shouldn’t be, thus waiting for someone to trip over it and make a work accident injury claim. If you see anything out of place or that could cause an injury claim either pick it up or report it to your manager to deal with. Don’t ignore it as you may forget it is there and fall over it yourself.

Wires and electrical equipment

The likelihood is that your office is full of electrical equipment and wires. If any of these are faulty then a serious accident at work could and may happen. Alternatively any wires that are not secured down could easily become a trip hazard, which can be avoided simply by using cable ties.  Make sure all the equipment you use is regularly tested, so you can find any problems with it then report it to IT as soon as possible.

These are just a few potential hazards in the workplace which could lead to an accident at work, but if you have had or do have an accident at work that wasn’t your fault you may be able to make a claim. Accident Advice Helpline may be able to help you with this, and will make it as easy and stress free as possible for you. So, speak to Accident Advice Helpline to see how much you could claim or take the easy 30-second test™ to find out potentially how much compensation you could receive.

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