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Pleural thickening and pain

How to find out if you might be entitled to compensation for pleural thickening and pain

Pleural thickening is when the pleural membrane which covers the lungs is thickened and swollen through scarring from asbestos fibres. It usually develops from heavy asbestos exposure. Unfortunately, even though asbestos was recognised as an occupational health hazard in the 1900s, it was still being used in the United Kingdom as insulation in ships, boiler rooms and power stations. It was also still used to make brake pads. This means that a wide range of occupations could be affected including: asbestos suppliers, laggers, scaffolders, electricians, plumbers, construction workers, demolition workers, brake pad workers, dock workers and ship building workers.

If you have been involved in any of these occupations in the past and you get chest pain and also suffer from a tightening of the chest you may need to consider finding out about compensation for pleural thickening and pain. Your first step must be to seek medical attention.

No win no fee

Once you have done that you should ring Accident Advice Helpline which is a law firm for personal injury compensation. A trained adviser will guide you through a 30-second test™ which will establish whether you are likely to get compensation for pleural thickening and pain. After that, an online calculator will estimate how much compensation you might get for pleural thickening and pain. This would be on a no win no fee basis. All the solicitors who work with Accident Advice Helpline operate on these terms.

When you have trouble walking about and enjoying the quality of life and then you discover it is because of asbestos where you were employed, you can feel betrayed and depressed. You might actually lose your trust in people outside your own family. Picking up the telephone to talk about compensation can seem daunting to say the least. Accident Advice Helpline has helped thousands of people improve their lives by helping them win the compensation they deserve.

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The trained advisers understand that you might feel vulnerable but you can rest assured that your call will be treated with sympathy and you will get the respect which you deserve. Have you been diagnosed with pleural thickening and pain within the last three years? Cases of industrial diseases vary but you can get advice on your individual case, and you should telephone Accident Advice Helpline and speak to an adviser today. The number is 0800 689 5659.