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Personal Injury solicitor in Wigan

If you’re in need of a personal injury solicitor in Wigan, but unsure who to choose, Accident Advice Helpline may be the law firm for you. We are national specialists in personal injury claims, with years of experience in making claims for compensation for people who have been in accidents that were not their fault.

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Located in Greater Manchester, England, Wigan is a large town on the River Douglas. It is commutable to Bolton, Warrington and the city of Manchester. Like many towns in the north west, Wigan was a settlement that expanded during the industrial revolution, and was known as a mill town, as well as a coal mining town of major note, with over 1000 pit shafts within five miles of the town centre.

The population of Wigan Borough is estimated at 317,800 people, and the population of the town itself was 970,000 in 2011. It is a growing population, with an increase in children under five, and the elderly. In 2011, one in six Wigan residents was over the age of 65, and there had been an increase in the number over 85 year olds by a massive 24 per cent.

Road traffic accidents in Wigan

Wigan has two primary A roads: the A49 and A577. These link to the M6, the M61 and the M58 motorways. As Wigan has expanded, there has been an increase in traffic over the past decade or so, and roads can become very congested. Unfortunately, the town’s tricky geography – the river valleys and railway lines – are an impediment to the ongoing improvement of the road layout, and therefore many people take to the motorways.

According to figures for 2011 through 2013 that were released via a Freedom of Information request, the Highways Agency received reports of 451 accidents between junctions 23 (Haydock) and 27 (Standish) of the M6 passing Wigan, making it officially one of the most dangerous stretches of motorway in the UK. In just the few miles between those junctions, there were 92 injuries and fatalities in two years, resulting in 153 lane closures.

If you have been involved in road traffic accidents in Wigan or the surrounding area and you’re looking for advice, remember Accident Advice Helpline has all the expertise you need. For an informal chat about the circumstances of your road accident, regardless of whether you were a driver or a passenger, a pedestrian or other road user, talk to us in complete confidence. Call us today.

Whiplash accidents in Wigan

Figures from the Department for Transport released in 2015 demonstrated that the A577 through Wigan to Atherton was the slowest road in the borough. A number of major transport improvements are planned, after research clearly showed that the average speed of commuters in both directions was in the region of 16.3 mph.

Other severely congested roads included the A5209 eastbound, with an average speed of 16.9mph, the A578 northbound, at 17.5mph and the A572 eastbound, at 17.6mph.

Congestion often leads to frustration among motorists, and the constant stopping and starting makes drivers weary. This can lead to accidents, and some of the most common injuries in the Wigan area we see at Accident Advice Helpline are whiplash injuries.

Whiplash is caused through a variety of means, including during sports, and in trips and falls, but it is most common in vehicle collisions, particularly shunts from behind. The head jerks forwards and back, or backwards and then forwards, or even from one side to another, in a very shaper movement, which damages the tendons and muscles in the neck causing a sprain.

In most cases whiplash clears up after a few days of rest and painkillers, but if you have suffered in whiplash accidents in Wigan and had to receive medical attention for your injuries, do give us a ring. Accident Advice Helpline have experts in whiplash injuries who will be able to claim the compensation you are entitled to, if you were hurt in an accident that was not your fault.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your accident, your injuries and the treatment you received. We can then talk you through our no win no fee agreement, and get you started on the path to your compensation pay-out.

Slips, trips and falls in Wigan

Road accidents and whiplash sound very dramatic, but were you aware that more people are hurt in slips, trips and falls in the UK than any other kind of accident? We know that many people are put off claiming for slips, trips and falls because they feel embarrassed about what happened to them, and therefore they don’t consult a personal injury solicitor in Wigan or elsewhere. However, if this is you, you really shouldn’t put off making a claim if the accident was not your fault.

So many slips, trips and falls in Wigan (outside the home) could have been avoided if someone else was taking more care, and we don’t think it’s right that you’re made to suffer in silence. If you have slipped on a spill in a supermarket, or tripped over shoeboxes left all over the floor in a department store, and you’ve been hurt as a result, you can and should make a claim. Call us today and let us get started on your no win no fee accident claim.

Work accident in Wigan

Wigan has a number of large employers, and plenty of retail outlets, factories and office based businesses. A higher than average number of people work in manufacturing, with around one in ten local residents employed in this sector. Although manufacturing frequently involves dealing with dangerous substances and heavy machinery, you should not take it as read that an accident at work is all part of the job.

Whether you work in a factory or a quiet office building, you have the same rights to expect to do your job safely and without undue risk. If you’ve had a work accident in Wigan and think your employer could have done more to protect you, why wouldn’t you make a claim? Maybe you’re already looking for a personal injury solicitor in Wigan to take on your case, but why not save yourself the time and hassle, and talk to us instead.

Accident Advice Helpline are a national law firm with the expertise you’re going to need in order to make a workplace accident claim. We know that taking an employer to task for a work based injury is a daunting prospect, and it can be a highly complicated process too. We promise to remove as much of the hassle and stress from your claim, and to do as much as we can on your behalf, so that you can focus on your recovery. Call us today to find out more.

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