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Personal injury solicitor in Sunderland

Sunderland and its metropolitan borough are in the heart of the northeast of England, just 10 miles to the southeast of its larger neighbour, Newcastle upon Tyne. As English cities go, it lies much closer to Scotland than it does to the English heartlands of London and the home counties, being only 101 miles to the southeast of Edinburgh whilst being a full 240 miles to the north of London.

The last census conducted in 2011 revealed the region to have approaching 280,000 residents in its 3874 hectares, and undoubtedly many more people flood into the area each day for work, with manufacturing and car production providing the lion’s share of employment by a considerable margin. More than eight million people each year visit Sunderland for pleasure too, enjoying such attractions as the National Glass Centre, the Stadium of Light and the beaches at Roker and Seaburn.

With such a high density of residents, as well as regular tourists and visitors to the city, accidents in Sunderland are a regular and somewhat unavoidable occurrence. If you’ve been involved in an accident, either at work, on the road or just while out and about, and you believe someone else was to blame for the incident, Accident Advice Helpline are here for you. Talk to our advisors today for support in making a personal injury compensation claim.

Road traffic accidents in Sunderland

With the large volume of traffic on Sunderland roads, accidents are an unfortunate fact of life. The good news is that, in line with the rest of the UK, casualty figures have been on a welcome downward-trend. In 2014 there were a recorded 75 people either seriously or fatally injured and a further 718 injured to a lesser extent. This is down from 1346 total casualties in 2000, which is certainly a positive improvement.

However, even with lower accident rates, that’s still almost 800 road users each year who find themselves needing a personal injury solicitor in Sunderland. Of the reported casualties, 65 per cent were the drivers of or passengers in a car, and 26 per cent were cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists. Although fewer injuries in this group, a disproportionate 32 per cent of the Killed or Seriously Injured (KSI) category were in this vulnerable sector of road users.

Roads in and around Sunderland can be very congested, particularly at rush hour. In fact, it can take up to 30 minutes longer to drive to Newcastle during rush hour than it does at other times. Congestion leads to frustration, which can lead to drivers making bad decisions and ultimately causing an accident. The A690 at Stonygate and the A19 have been singled out as particular trouble spots, but incidents are by no means confined to these areas.

If you’ve been involved in one of the many road traffic accidents in Sunderland, and believe that someone else was to blame for the incident, you shouldn’t be made to suffer in silence. Accident Advice Helpline are here to help you make a claim for compensation, with expert solicitors on hand to fight your case. Call our friendly advisors today, and they’ll help you decide if you are eligible to claim.

Whiplash accident in Sunderland

The injuries suffered as a result of a car accident can be many and varied, depending on the speed and specifics of the crash. Head, neck, spinal, back, facial, and internal injuries are all very common, and even at a low speed, car occupants can often become injured.

One such injury is whiplash, which can occur in accidents at speeds as low as just five miles per hour. It is caused when the soft tissues in the neck and upper-back become over-extended by the exaggerated movements of an unsupported head. Its effects usually last for just a few weeks, but can sometimes last for much longer, causing major limitations in the lives of the victims.

Symptoms can include:

  • Neck pain and tenderness
  • Stiffness in the neck with mobility problems
  • Pain in the upper back / shoulders and arms
  • Muscle spasms
  • Headaches

Some people also complain of dizziness, memory loss, tingling in the arms and hands, tiredness and memory loss. Probably the most important thing to remember is that such soft-tissue damage may not be immediately apparent; in fact, it is often worse the day after an incident.

If you have any of these symptoms and feel it may be because of a whiplash accident in Sunderland, it is essential that you visit your GP or hospital to be professionally assessed. As well as getting the medical attentional you obviously require, the medical case notes will form the core of the evidence required by a personal injury solicitor in Sunderland to help you receive financial recompense.

If you’ve had a diagnosis of whiplash following an accident in Sunderland, we are here to help. Our personal injury solicitors are experts in these complex compensation claims, and can help you to build a case that will win you the maximum amount. With our help, you’ll be able to secure a valuable financial cushion, which can help replace any earnings you may have lost, letting you relax and focus on your recovery. Call us today for a no-obligation chat.

Slips, trips and falls in Sunderland

Another occurrence that may have one reaching for the number of a personal injury solicitor in Sunderland are incidents of slips, trips and falls. Falling over is the biggest cause of accidental injury in the UK today, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Although most falls result in nothing more serious than superficial wounds and injured pride, sometimes the consequences can be much more serious.

We’ve worked with people who have suffered greatly as the result of a fall, from broken bones and torn ligaments to life changing facial injuries and spinal damage. An average of two people every year are actually killed in slips, trips and falls, so it’s clear that this is no laughing matter.

If a slip or trip was the fault of someone else, perhaps because they left something where it shouldn’t be, or didn’t provide a safe place for you to walk, then you have a right to seek compensation. Not only will this award you a valuable sum of money to help speed your recovery, it will also prevent this from happening to others in the future.

A great deal of compensation has already been claimed by innocent victims of slips, trips and falls in Sunderland, and the next successful claim could be yours. Our outstanding solicitors are ready and waiting to assist you in putting together your case, and will handle as much of the paperwork as possible to minimise the disruption to you. Call today, and let Accident Advice Helpline win you the compensation you deserve.

Work accident Sunderland

Most people view work as one of the banes of modern life, something that absorbs time and energy that would much better be spent with friends and family. For an unfortunate few, however, the impact is much more severe.

Recent figures released by The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) show that 137 workers died in the UK as a result of an accident at work. The North Tyneside area is ranked 3rd in the UK for the incidence of mesothelioma deaths with a shocking 491 people dying between 1981 and 2015. Sunderland itself has been ranked 2nd in the UK for the very dubious honour of female mesothelioma deaths, with 144 dead females over the same period.

But these are just the headline figures. The clear majority of work accidents in Sunderland go largely unheard of, but are no less painful and inconvenient for those disadvantaged by them.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 enshrined the principle that your employer is responsible for your health and safety whilst you are at work and that they must take every precaution ‘reasonably practicable’ to ensure you return home each night in the same state in which you arrived. If injuries occur due to faulty equipment, lack of training or unsafe company practices, your employer has failed under this Act and should pay compensation to you.

Accident Advice Helpline are here to help you through the complex process of making an claim for an accident at work. Our expert solicitors have an enviable track record of success in this field, and will ensure you stand the very best chance of a positive outcome. As with all our compensation claims, discretion is assured from start to finish, and absolute professionalism guaranteed. Call an advisor today, and find out if you could make a claim following a work accident in Sunderland.

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