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Personal injury solicitor in Reading

Reading in Berkshire is a large commercial town once renowned for its iron works as well as for brewing, baking and seed growing. In the modern era, it has become a thriving town with an economy based around information technology, insurance, retail, sport and leisure.

It is perhaps most famous nowadays for hosting the annual Reading Festival, one of the largest of England’s annual music festivals, and it is also a centre of media and sports, with three local radio stations and a larger number of professional sports teams in football, basketball, Australian Rules football and rowing, among others.

As the largest settlement of the UK without city status, Reading has a significant resident population of over 300,000 people. This number increases greatly during the festival and sporting events. With such a concentrated population in the town of mixed ages and backgrounds, it should come as no surprise that accidents can and do happen.

Whether you were involved in a road traffic accident, a work-related accident, a slip, trip or fall or any other sort of accident, we may be able to help you. If your accident happened within the last three years and you believe someone else was at fault, you could make a claim for personal injury compensation. Instead of hunting high and low for a suitably-experienced personal injury solicitor in Reading to help you with your claim, come to Accident Advice Helpline, where you’ll get the professional support you need with no upfront cost.

Road traffic accidents in Reading

Like any major commuter town, road traffic accidents in Reading are relatively common. The official numbers show a reduction in casualties between 2011 and 2015, from 493 to 425, which is good news, although further action is needed to continue driving these numbers down. Particular roads and junctions are accident blackspots in the town, such as the Premier Inn Roundabout, which has seen 12 accidents in the past few years, resulting in 16 casualties.

Other dangerous junctions include the traffic lights at Church Street and St Peter’s Hill, Oxford Road at the intersection with Western Elms, and the bottom of Whitley Wood Lane as it approaches the M4. Reading Borough Council has introduced access restrictions in the town centre to reduce the numbers of accidents happening in the busiest areas, but many of these junctions still pose a daily hazard to drivers and commuters in the town.

Sometimes accidents are simply bad luck, but all too often they could have been avoided if other drivers were taking more care. Even as a careful, considerate driver yourself, you still have other road users to contend with, and even remaining alert isn’t always enough to avoid an accident caused by someone else.

Road traffic accidents can result in serious injuries, including broken bones, head trauma, chest damage and back injuries. These can often result in long, painful recovery periods, during which time you could be prevented from working. If you were injured in an accident like this and it wasn’t your fault, you could search for a personal injury solicitor in Reading to help you make a claim. However, solicitors can be costly, and you can’t always be sure that they have the experience you need.

Instead, why not contact Accident Advice Helpline? We have over 16 years’ experience of helping innocent accident victims to make successful claims and we can help you too. Call our friendly advisors today and we’ll start working on your claim right away.

Whiplash accident in Reading

When people imagine a whiplash accident in Reading, they often think of a serious, high-speed collision. However, recent research into whiplash has shown that it can occur in even low-speed or minor shunts, due to the modern safety standards of cars transferring more force from the impact to the neck of the people inside the vehicle.

Almost 40 per cent of accident victims who would be eligible to make a claim following whiplash never do. This could be down to a certain stigma people may feel around whiplash, or could be that they feel their injuries aren’t serious enough to warrant a claim. However, whiplash can be a debilitating injury, and although symptoms usually disappear after a day or two, some people can suffer symptoms for weeks, months or even, in one in five cases, for over a year.

Symptoms of whiplash can include headaches, muscle spasms, neck and back pain and even fatigue and loss of concentration. If you were injured in this way and it has affected your ability to work, carry out social activities or left you out of pocket as a result, you could make a claim for personal injury compensation.

It can be hard to know which personal injury solicitor in Reading you should trust when there are so many of them out there, and they all specialise in different fields. Save yourself the time and hassle of narrowing down that choice by calling Accident Advice Helpline instead. As one of the largest law firms in the UK specialising in personal injury claims, we can represent you wherever you are in the country, and because we handle most claims entirely over the phone, you probably won’t even have to go to court.

Slips, trips and falls in Reading

We’ve all had the occasional slip, trip or fall, often in a public place. Frequently it’s our own fault, because we’re not paying attention to where we’re walking, for example. We usually suffer no worse than a dent to our pride and can pick ourselves up and carry on, a little ruffled and red-faced, perhaps.

In some cases, though, slips, trips and falls in Reading can result in more serious damage. Awkward falls could lead to broken or fractured bones, particularly in the wrists and hands as we instinctively put out our hands to break our fall. The wrist is a deceptively complex joint in the body; there are eight small bones connected to the forearm bones, with the most common fracture happening in the radius bone. Some wrist fractures, non-displaced ones, are stable and require less support to heal properly. Displaced fractures, where the bones move out of place, usually require a cast or splint.

A fractured wrist can mean a period of time off work, sometimes a couple of months or more, depending on the injury itself and the type of work you do. That can result in a loss of earnings, if you are on reduced pay or statutory sick pay. A claim for personal injury compensation could help you to recover some of the costs involved, including loss of earnings and other costs.

We have the expertise and experience you need to make your slip, trip or fall accident claim an efficient and painless procedure. A quick call to Accident Advice Helpline could get your claim started, and because we offer a no win no fee service, there are no upfront costs to make a claim.

Work accident in Reading

Reading has a large finance and blue-chip economy, with higher than average numbers of people employed in technical, professional and managerial positions. It has significantly lower numbers of people employed in plant and machine operative or construction work. Of the 103,000 employee jobs in the town, 67 per cent are based in shops and offices or in other low risk occupations.

Although more accidents certainly occur in industries such as construction or manufacturing, offices and shops are not immune to accidents in the workplace. Common causes of accidents in offices include tripping over loose carpeting, objects in corridors or cables and wiring, using a chair instead of a ladder, inadequate lighting and bending or reaching for an object while sitting in an unstable chair.

No matter what industry you work in, your employer has a responsibility to do all they reasonably can to protect their employees from coming to harm in the line of their work. This includes providing adequate training on health and safety, but it also means making sure employees have equipment that is fit for purpose. That includes regularly risk assessing furniture like desks and chairs, maintaining and repairing or replacing outdated or faulty equipment and making sure that lighting is adequate.

If you were injured in a work accident in Reading and you believe someone else was at fault, you could be eligible to make a claim for personal injury compensation. Such an award could compensate you for your pain and suffering and, if your employer was to blame through carelessness or negligence, your claim could force them to re-assess their health and safety policies, ensuring that no one else comes to harm.

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