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Personal injury solicitor in Preston

Preston in Lancashire became Britain’s 50th city in the 50th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. It is a mixture of residential areas and business districts, and has many attractions and things to do. From nature parks to landmarks, outdoor activities to spa days, and workshops to nightlife there is something to suit everyone in Preston.

Preston City Council is proactive in the area and their website is a mine of information about the services they provide and how to get help if needed with any of them. The Good Growth for Cities Index ranked Preston as the best place in the north west of England to live and to work. It scored relatively highly against all the items that are measured, except for the level of income.

It may be ones of the best places in England to live, but that does not make it immune to accidents; they can happen anywhere. Innocent victims of accidents can and should be compensated for their injuries, and Accident Advice Helpline can help. If you were injured in an accident caused by someone else and think you need a personal injury solicitor in Preston, just call us and discover our friendly, professional service.

We have been helping accident victims to make successful claims for over 16 years, and we are ready to help you with yours. It only takes a phone call to get your claim started, so get in touch today.

Road traffic accidents in Preston

Opened in 1958, the Preston bypass was the very first stretch of motorway in existence in the UK. It is now mostly part of the M6, with a small section of it allocated to the M55. It was during the building of this road that traffic cones were used for the first time, replacing the lanterns that had been used up until then. The M61 and M65 also run close to Preston, making the road links some of the best in the country.

With all these motorways as well as the A roads that wind through the city it is inevitable that road traffic accidents in Preston occur. In fact, the A675 between Blackburn and Preston was named as one of the 10 most dangerous roads in the UK, following a spate of fatal accidents on that stretch.

The most common cause recorded for road traffic accidents is a lack of concentration. Fiddling with the stereo, talking to the children or looking at a mobile phone can all cause driver errors. The next most common cause is potholes and bad road surfaces. If you were hurt in either of these ways some one else was responsible and you should make a compensation claim.

You don’t need a local personal injury solicitor in Preston, as we here to help you no matter what type of accident or injuries you have suffered. Our solicitors are some of the best in the industry, and are ready to help you fight your case so that you can win every penny you deserve.

If you want to know more or have any other questions, call our friendly advisors today. We’re waiting to help you claim.

Whiplash accident in Preston

Have you been involved in a whiplash accident in Preston? Was it a car accident, or did you land awkwardly after a fall? Did you fall from a cycle, or from a horse? Did something heavy hit your head? These are just a few of the ways a whiplash injury can be sustained, many of which could have been prevented.

All it takes is a little more care and diligence from those in a position of responsibility. The other driver needs to be more aware; the spillage on the floor should have been cleaned up; the pothole that made you fall from your bike should had been repaired; and proper health and safety on the building site may have stopped that tool from falling as you walked past. Preventing whiplash injuries is not rocket science, it just needs those who were at fault to be more careful.

A personal injury solicitor in Preston may be able to help you claim against whoever was to blame, but why limit yourself to local offers only? Choosing to work with Accident Advice Helpline will ensure you are working with the best in the business, so that you can be certain that we have the expertise you need.

Our solicitors offer legal excellence and a high-quality service to every client they deal with. With our no win no fee service, you needn’t worry about being able to afford a great solicitor, because legal expertise is available to everyone. Call us today about your whiplash claim, and see just how easy it can be to make a claim.

Work accident in Preston

Preston is home to some of the largest manufacturers in the country and has a nuclear processing plant close by. The same can be said of the transport companies, some of them having contracts for deliveries to major supermarkets in the north of England. There are many office-based businesses including insurance companies, consultancies and graphic artists. The list goes on and on; there are a very large number of businesses in Preston.

Whether you work in the mobile phone industry, the docks, one of the catalogue companies based there or a local corner shop, your employer has the same health and safety responsibility as any other. Every employer must ensure you can do your job safely, and without risk to your health or welfare.

Failure to do this can result in workers being injured unnecessarily. If this happens, the employee is within their rights to seek compensation for their injuries. Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we have helped thousands of workers to seek such a claim, helping them secure a valuable financial cushion to aid their recovery. We’re ready to help you too.

As well as being financially compensated for your injuries, seeking to make a claim can also protect other workers in the future. Your employer will be forced to improve their health and safety standards, creating a better, safer workplace for many years to come. Talk to us about making a claim after a work accident in Preston, and we’ll be happy to help.

Slips, trips and falls in Preston

We all know how easy it can be to lose concentration and suffer a fall. Inevitably there are other people watching, so although we don’t get badly hurt our pride certainly suffers a knock. However, sometimes the consequences of a fall can be much more serious, and really weren’t our own fault at all.

If someone has created a hazard by not maintaining a walkway, failing to place a warning sign, or leaving something lying around, we aren’t really to blame if we end up getting hurt. And although many falls end in nothing more than a small bruise, occasionally they can result in very painful injuries, from broken bones to muscle strains and more.

When it comes to slips, trips and falls in Preston, you shouldn’t automatically blame yourself. There are numerous ways in which falling down can be prevented, and if you’re in a public place you have a right to be protected. When someone has put you at risk, and you’ve been hurt as a result, we’re here to fight your corner and to win you the compensation you deserve.

Our solicitors are highly experienced in dealing with these difficult situations, and will take all the pressure off you, dealing with as much of your case as they can. We want you to focus on your recovery, so will endeavour to limit your involvement with the compensation process, taking all the stress out of the situation. We’re here to represent you, so call our advisors today and we’ll start work on your claim right away.

What could your claim be worth?

You might be wondering whether your claim is valid, and if it is, how much will you get? While we can’t put a precise figure on its value, we have developed a handy tool which will calculate a rough valuation for you, and will reassure you that your claim is eligible for compensation.

That tool is called the 30-second test™, and requires just four simple questions to be answered in order to make the calculation. You can do it yourself on our website, or you can call our advisors and they’ll fill it in for you. Simply call us on 0800 689 5659,, and we’ll be there with advice and support from start to finish.