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Personal injury solicitor in Oldham

Oldham is a town in the Greater Manchester area, which was once an international centre for the manufacture of textiles. It was one of the first industrialised towns of the Industrial Revolution, and produced more cotton than France and Germany combined.

During the mid-20th century, the textile industry collapsed, with the last mill in the town closing in 1998. Since then, Oldham has become a centre for the performing arts and further education. It has a particularly strong theatrical culture, with the Lyceum Theatre being notably popular; it is now Oldham’s centre for the arts, and is home to the Oldham Lyceum School of Music.

In 2002, the purpose-built, state-of-the-art Gallery Oldham was built, the first phase of the Oldham Cultural Quarter. Every year the summer Oldham Carnival offers residents the opportunity to see and hear music, fancy dress, dancers and decorated floats.

The population of Oldham has decreased slightly in recent years but it remains a busy town. Like similar metropolitan areas, there are accidents every day in Oldham. Accident Advice Helpline has been working for over 16 years helping innocent accident victims to make successful claims for compensation.

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Road traffic accidents in Oldham

Oldham Council has implemented a number of road safety schemes in recent years, with a particular focus on primary and secondary school children, teaching them pedestrian safety. They also offer safety programmes to adults, including in-car safety talks and mature drivers’ sessions.

Such measures seem to have a positive impact; casualties in road traffic accidents in Oldham have fallen from 664 in 2011 to 406 in 2015. Fatalities have also fallen by two-thirds over the same period.

However, numbers of serious injuries have stayed at the same levels. Common injuries in road traffic accidents include broken bones, head trauma, chest damage and back or spinal injuries; such injuries can be minor, with victims recovering quickly, but in some cases, they can be far more serious.

Recovering from injuries like these can take time. It’s likely you’ll have to take time off work to recover, and that could result in a loss of earnings, especially if you get stuck on a reduced salary or statutory sick pay. If someone else was responsible for your accident, why should you have to bear the costs of your recovery? You could make a claim for compensation that could help you to recover some or all of the associated costs.

You could look for a personal injury solicitor in Oldham to help you, but that could take time. Instead, contact Accident Advice Helpline; we can help you wherever you are in the UK and we have the expertise you need to make the best possible claim.

Whiplash accident in Oldham

While whiplash accidents aren’t as common as you might think, they are still more common in the UK than in other comparative countries. However, there are possible reasons for this. One significant statistic from the World Bank shows that there are 79 per cent more vehicles on the roads in the UK than EU averages.

More traffic on the roads means more congestion, and that’s another reason why whiplash injuries may be more common here in the UK. Whiplash is actually more likely to occur in slow shunts than in high-speed collisions. This is partly due to the way the forces of a shunt are applied to the body, and may be compounded by modern locking seatbelt mechanisms.

In a whiplash accident in Oldham, the head is thrown backwards while the body moves forward, jolting and overextending the muscles and tendons in the neck, leading to symptoms including headaches, muscle spasms, pain the neck and shoulders and dizziness and loss of concentration. While symptoms usually subside in a week or two, they can last for months or even a year or more. The limitations caused by chronic pain as a result of whiplash can also lead to psychological issues, such as stress, anxiety or depression.

If you were injured in an accident like this and it was someone else’s fault, you could make a claim that could compensate you for your physical and psychological suffering. A personal injury solicitor in Oldham could help you to make a claim, but how can you be sure they have the experience you need?

Accident Advice Helpline specialises solely in personal injury claims, so you know our solicitors have the knowledge and expertise your valuable claim deserves. Call today to find out how you can get started.

Slips, trips and falls in Oldham

Of the many accidents we deal with here at Accident Advice Helpline, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the most minor ones are slips, trips and falls. However, while the majority of people who are injured in this way only experience minor bumps and bruises, in some cases, injuries can be more serious.

In fact, falls from height are still the leading cause of serious injuries and fatalities in the UK. The nature of these accidents means victims can suffer life-changing injuries like head or brain trauma or spinal damage. In many cases, these injuries are devastating; they can prevent people from ever returning to work and may lead to chronic pain, loss of mobility or cognitive impairment.

This can have a detrimental impact on quality of life; victims may not be able to take part in social activities, relationships can be affected, and they might need personal care or help around the home. They might require adaptations to their home, or require the use of a wheelchair to get around. Such adaptations can be costly; while many of them will be available on the NHS or through the local authority, frequently the victims will have to pay for some, especially if they can’t wait for the facilities.

If you were injured in an accident like this and you believe someone else was to blame, it’s not right that you should be left out of pocket as a result. Whether your injury was minor or life-changing, government legislation entitles you to make a claim.

A successful claim can replace some of the money you’ve spent already, but you still might be concerned about the high costs of a personal injury solicitor in Oldham. Luckily, Accident Advice Helpline operates on an entirely no win no fee basis, so there’s nothing to pay upfront for you to start a claim.

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Work accident in Oldham

Oldham’s economy has changed significantly since the decline of its textile trade, and now has a focus on culture, social care and elementary occupations. It has lower than average numbers of people employed in managerial, professional or directorial positions, and higher than average numbers employed in health and social care, leisure and other service occupations.

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, a work accident in Oldham can be serious enough to force you to take time off to recover. You might also experience a high level of stress as you worry about what to do next, and how to deal with your accident emotionally. Despite all our hard work, many people who are injured at work don’t make a claim because they worry that they’ll lose their job.

However, it is an employers’ legal duty to make sure that you are protected at work; they must take all reasonable precautions to prevent you from coming to harm. On top of that, if you are injured at work and it is your employers’ fault, you are legally entitled to make a claim against them, without fear of losing your job.

We understand that such claims can be worrying and complex; that’s why here at Accident Advice Helpline, we’ll support you throughout your claim and give you free, no-obligation advice that can help you to make the right decision in an informed way. All it takes is one call to our helpline to get started; there’s no obligation and you won’t face any pressure to make a decision. You’ll get expert, straightforward advice that can help you to make your choice, so call today to find out more.

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