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Personal injury solicitor in Newcastle

Famous as the home of the Geordie, for the winding Tyne river passing through the city centre with its iconic Millennium Bridge, and for their successful football team, the Magpies, Newcastle is the historic beating heart of the North East of England. Growing up as a mining community, the city has arrived in the 21st century complete with new ideas, modern businesses and a cosmopolitan culture that makes it a popular place to live and work.

With almost 300,000 people living in the city centre, and a metropolitan population of 1.6 million, Newcastle is one of the largest conurbations in the North East of England. It is the commercial, educational and cultural focus for the region, with an economy worth in excess of £13 billion. Around two million visitors will arrive in the city every year, and nine out of ten hotel rooms will be full every weekend.

As with any busy, urban area, the chances of an accident occurring in Newcastle are somewhat likely. If you’re on the lookout for a personal injury solicitor in Newcastle, maybe you’ve been the unfortunate victim of an accident that was not your fault. If so, we can help.

Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we can help you make a claim for compensation, thanks to the expertise of our successful personal injury solicitors. We’ll talk you through the process, with no obligation to go ahead, and will ensure you have a good chance of success by seeing if you meet the criteria, which are:

  • An accident that was not your fault left you injured
  • You saw a medical professional for your injuries
  • It occurred within the last three years

There are, occasionally, exceptions to these rules, so if you don’t fit perfectly, don’t assume you don’t have a case. Call our team today and let them help you decide whether an injury claim is the right course of action for you.

Road traffic accident Newcastle

In such a densely populated area as Newcastle, it is hardly surprising that congestion is a regular occurrence. In fact, Newcastle has been identified as one of the most congested cities in the UK, with drivers sitting in traffic for an average of 32 minutes during every rush hour. The multiple Tyne crossings, including bridges and tunnels, can often be a bottleneck during busy periods, with the Tune Tunnel seeing more than 2,300 cars travelling both north and south during the rush hour periods.

Heavy traffic, stressed out drivers and poor road conditions means Newcastle is a hotbed for road traffic accidents. Each year, there are more than 700 road traffic accidents in Newcastle, making it one of the most dangerous areas in the North East of England. 918 casualties were reported last year, of which 78 were serious and one fatal. 85 of these casualties were children, 156 were pedestrians and 124 were cyclists.

Accidents involving pedestrians have been identified by Newcastle City Council as being frequently caused due to distractions when crossing the road, such as mobile phones and listening to music. The council has launched a ‘heads up’ campaign, in conjunction with the local police force, to raise awareness among pedestrians of the dangers of not paying attention when crossing the road, and is particularly aimed at people aged 18 – 22.

One of the busiest roundabouts in Newcastle, and also the most dangerous, is the junction at Durant Road on the A167, where 31 accidents have taken place injuring 45 people in just five years. Other blackspot junctions include the B138 supermarket junction, the A191 at Freeman Road and the Great North Road near Town Moor. Accidents at roundabouts in the Tyne and Wear area in general are on the rise, with 492 last year up from 484 the year before.

And it’s not just rush hour where a crash is likely either. Figures from the Department for Transport (DfT) show that one in seven accidents in the North East happens in the periods of dawn and dusk, usually around 5am – 7am and again at 6pm – 8pm. The loss of quality of light, combined with people potentially driving tired, are thought to be to blame for this phenomenon.

From commuters to busy mums, young drivers to public transport users, accidents on the road can happen when you least expect it. If you think your accident was caused by someone else not paying attention or driving dangerously, let us help you seek the compensation you deserve. Call our helpline today and we’ll take care of everything.

Whiplash accident Newcastle

Whiplash is one of the most common reasons people are looking for a personal injury solicitor in Newcastle today. Over 89 per cent of all the personal injury claims processed in the UK relates to this type of injury, and as our vehicles have become safer, these numbers have risen exponentially.

Seatbelts restrict the movement of our bodies, meaning all the force of a collision is driven into the only free moving part of our anatomy; our head and neck. Even at speeds as low as five miles per hour, the impact of a crash can cause a snap of the head which damages soft tissues in the neck and shoulders. This damage is known as whiplash, and can cause a range of symptoms, including:

  • Stiffness and pain in the neck
  • Tiredness and dizziness
  • Loss of movement in the neck and shoulder
  • Headaches
  • Pain in the shoulders, arms or upper back
  • Numbness in the arms

Whiplash is not limited to car accidents only; in fact, this type of injury can be caused by any sudden movement of the head, including from trips and falls or a blow to the head. Sometimes the symptoms don’t show for several hours afterwards, so it’s important that, even if your accident was yesterday or the day before, if you start showing these symptoms, you should seek medical advice.

When it comes to a whiplash accident Newcastle victims can be reluctant to claim. Only one in three eligible victims will go ahead with an injury claim, which could see them being left high and dry if their injury turns out to be worse than they thought. Research by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) discovered that, although 50 per cent of whiplash injuries clear up within the first two months, around one in four victims will continue to suffer pain, discomfort and loss of mobility beyond the first year.

When you consider that something like this could be life changing for you, it’s it right that you should pursue a claim? Don’t let the person responsible for your whiplash accident in Newcastle walk away with no consequences; call our team today and claim the compensation you deserve.

Slips, trips and falls in Newcastle

Slipping and falling is the most common reason for accidental injury in the UK today. Most slips and trips are not too serious, resulting in little more than wounded pride. However, some slips, trips and falls in Newcastle can be much more serious, causing broken bones, head injuries, back pain and more.

When these accidents were not your fault and could have been avoided, you have a right to seek compensation. In fact, more than £1.3 million has been paid out already in the Newcastle area for people who have been subjected to a trip or fall in a public place that could have been prevented. Situations such as:

  • Wet floors without a warning sign
  • Pathways obstructed by ice or slippery leaves
  • Broken pavements or footpaths
  • Trip hazards, such as cables or workmens tools left on the path
  • Spills not being cleared up
  • Unguarded areas causing a fall from height

There are numerous reasons your fall might not have been your fault, so before you shrug your accident off as ‘all your own silly fault’, think carefully about whether someone else was actually to blame. When people are careless, negligent or just plain dangerous, it’s important they are made to take responsibility for their actions, so that the same thing doesn’t happen again.

We can help you find out who was responsible for your accident and seek to put right some of the wrongs that caused your situation. With our help, you’ll be awarded a valuable financial cushion to help speed your recovery, and the satisfaction in knowing justice was served.

Work accident in Newcastle

Many of the businesses in Newcastle are based around the Haymarket, Central Station and Quayside areas. Large shopping centres such as Eldon Square and Monument Mall provide opportuinties for local employment, as do a number of other core industries based in the city. Human health and social work is the largest employment sector, with 17.7 per cent of the city’s jobs in this industry, although education, public administration and tourism are key employers too.

According to the Labour Force Survey, 611,000 injuries occur at work every year. HSE found that some of the most common industries for illness and injury include social work and human health, as well as the more obvious sectors such as construction and agriculture. With almost one in five of Newcastle’s workers employed in health and social work, it’s no surprise that reported accidents at work in the city are pretty much reflective of the situation in the UK as a whole.

Your employer has a duty to provide you with a safe, healthy and functional workplace, where you can do your job without taking undue risks. This may include:

  • Providing appropriate training
  • Not asking you to do too much
  • Providing PPE equipment where needed
  • Ensuring tools and machinery are well maintained and functional
  • Managing risks and hazards in the workplace

Newcastle City Council has plenty of hands on support available for both employees and employers, to help ensure good health and safety practice. However, if you feel your employer has not done everything they should, and you’ve been involved in an accident as a result, you should not suffer in silence.

Pursuing a compensation claim is both your right and your duty if you are injured in a work accident in Newcastle. By making them take responsibility for their actions (or lack of actions), you will help them to make changes in the way they run their business, ensuring a safer working environment for everyone. Talk to us today about accident at work claims, and see how our expert solicitors could help you.

A better solution than a personal injury solicitor in Newcastle

Accident Advice Helpline operate nationwide, so that we can bring you the very best legal expertise no matter where in the country you are. Our highly experienced and very successful personal injury solicitors have represented thousands of people just like you, securing maximum compensation with the minimum hassle for the victim.

All our cases are taken on a no win no fee basis, so you don’t have to panic about a big legal bill from us if your case is unsuccessful. We’ll support you from start to finish, and will take care of as much of the hard work as we can, so that you can focus instead on your recovery.

Don’t limit yourself only to a personal injury solicitor in Newcastle; work with us, and get the best representation in the country for your case. Talk to our friendly advisors today to find out more about how you can claim. Call 0800 689 5659,, and see how easy it can be to claim for your injuries.