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Personal injury solicitor in Ipswich

One of England’s oldest towns, Ipswich took shape around the docks here in the 7th and 8th century and has been continuously occupied since Saxon times. It’s still a working port, handling millions of tonnes of cargo every year.

Situated on the estuary of the river Orwell, 60 miles south east of London, it’s the busy county town of Suffolk with an estimated population of 135,000. In recent years, the waterfront in Ipswich has had a facelift, turning the former industrialised dock area into a location devoted to leisure and pleasure.

It’s a really ‘happening’ place, but amid the buzz of daily life, unfortunately accidents are happening too. For this reason, there are always accident victims looking for a personal injury solicitor in Ipswich.

If you live in this lively university town and have been injured because of someone else’s negligence or carelessness, you could be entitled to personal injury compensation. You may be wondering what exactly this is and how it could help you to claim some recompense for your suffering. If you’re having to find the money to cover your expenses and losses due to your non-fault accident, your finances might be under considerable pressure right now.

Well, it’s not all bad news, because here at Accident Advice Helpline we deal with all kinds of non-fault accidents. We help accident victims to get justice for what’s happened to them, and we’d like to help you too. Personal injury compensation is a financial settlement that can help you cover all your unexpected accident expenses and get you back on your feet, ready to enjoy life again. Your pain and suffering as well as out of pocket expenses will be taken into account when calculating the amount you will receive.

Think positive and find out more by giving us a call now. Let us help you get the justice you deserve, and the compensation you’re entitled to.

Road traffic accident in Ipswich

Considered to be one of the most dangerous roads in the region, the A140 near Ipswich experiences heavy traffic, and is a single carriageway road for most of its length. At the time of writing, there have been 57 fatal accidents on the Suffolk stretch of this road in the last ten years. Measures have been introduced to reduce accidents, such as lower speed limits and improved junctions, but there is still much work to be done. If you regularly drive on this route, then be sure to take extra care.

Steeped in history and overflowing with historic sites, museums and cultural events, Ipswich is a magnet for visitors. The famous summer jazz or arts festivals draw residents and tourists alike to the area. This puts stress on the roads, which can very quickly become congested. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself in advance with the routes you plan to take. If you happen to have a road traffic accident in Ipswich and you weren’t to blame, then Accident Advice Helpline can help you to claim compensation.

Collect as much evidence as you can concerning your accident, so that when you call us we can give you specific advice and get your claim started straight away. Photographs, dashcam footage, witness statements; these can all help us to build a strong case and get you the maximum compensation.

We’re ready now to take your details now, so pick up the phone and let Accident Advice Helpline take the strain.

Whiplash accident in Ipswich

It’s a pain in the neck, literally. But whiplash can also make you feel as if you have been kicked by a horse. The pain in your neck can travel down your arms and spine, and you might suffer painful headaches, nausea, dizziness and sleep disturbance. Medical attention is essential even in the early stages, to ensure you receive the right treatment plan and eliminate any more serious condition.

Perhaps you’ve suffered a whiplash injury after being shunted in a car at the traffic lights, or maybe you’ve been thrown about on public transport by an inexperienced bus driver. You may even have suffered a whiplash accident in Ipswich as a result of a fall or knock to the head. If someone else was to blame for the incident, then Accident Advice Helpline will ensure you get recompense for what has happened to you. Whiplash is an injury that we deal with regularly, and our experience and expertise can help you claim today.

You don’t need to spend ages looking for a personal injury solicitor in Ipswich; come directly to the law firm who have your best interests at heart. Call and speak to Accident Advice Helpline right now.

Work accident in Ipswich

The county of Suffolk has a strong farming history, and agriculture is a major source of employment in this part of the country. Farming accidents can have tragic outcomes with life changing injuries, and this industry is one of the worst for unexpected incidents. Fatal accidents on farms are not uncommon nationally, and additional health and safety needs to be implemented to keep workers safe. Farm machinery, in particular, needs to be safely guarded to avoid trapping fingers or limbs. Personal protection equipment should be worn, and full training given to farm workers to avoid accidents.

Another key employment sector in Ipswich is insurance. Call centres dealing with sales and claims have been set up to support the industry. These busy centres can get noisy and crowded, and although this sector is not as liable to accidents as farming, excellent health and safety standards are still required. If you’ve tripped and fallen over something left in a walkway, or walked into a desk drawer left open and hurt yourself, then you should make sure it’s recorded by your employer.

Accident Advice Helpline can give you important advice about your non-fault work accident in Ipswich, and can help you claim compensation for any injuries you’ve suffered. We are just a phone call away, so call us now.

Slips, trips and falls in Ipswich

A fall or trip can have far reaching effects. It can leave you not only bruised and shaken, but with injuries that can affect your life in the future. Maybe you’ve suffered a head injury or broken bones, chronic pain or disability. For an elderly person a broken bone can have particularly serious consequences. If you live, work or have just been visiting Ipswich, and have slipped in a public place then you should be aware of your rights.

We all have to take some responsibility for our personal safety when out and about in public, but if you’ve been injured from a fall in a public place and it wasn’t your fault then you need to get advice from the experts at Accident Advice Helpline now. These kinds of accidents are something we see all the time, and slips, trips and falls in Ipswich are something we can help you with.

Don’t worry about a thing; just give us a call now to discuss your next step.

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