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Have you been hurt whilst riding your bike?

Although there are numerous bike trails appearing all over the United Kingdom, many people would still like to use their bike to get around while they are undertaking their daily activities. For example, many people prefer to cycle to work instead of driving or using public transport.

As well as being a cheaper form of transport, the fitness benefits mean that many people can save on gym memberships by using their bike to get around, rather than relying on a car.

However, the recent spate of cycle related accidents have put many people off using their bikes, particularly in busier areas. Despite promises from the government that they will make bike travel safer, accidents and collisions still occur on a worryingly regular basis.

In larger cities and towns, many people have had to abandon bike travel altogether, particularly during peak hours. Although many areas do have dedicated cycle lanes, these aren’t always enough to prevent injuries from occurring.

When can I contact injury solicitors in Walthamstow?

If you’re hurt whilst you were riding your bike and it wasn’t your fault, you may be eager to contact injury solicitors in Walthamstow in order to make a claim for compensation. If, for example, a vehicle hit you or forced you off the road and you were hurt as a result, the driver could be held responsible and injury solicitors in Walthamstow could help you to successfully claim compensation from them.

Although you may want to contact injury solicitors in Walthamstow soon after the incident, in some cases you may be too busy focusing on your recovery to do so. There’s no need to worry if you aren’t able to contact injury solicitors in Walthamstow straightaway as often they can help claimants for up to three years after the incident has occurred.

Even if you can’t contact injury solicitors in Walthamstow immediately, there are still things that you can do to help you claim. If you’re able to, you may want to collect as many details from witnesses as possible. Similarly, if you have a mobile phone or digital camera to hand, you may want to take a photograph of where the incident occurred or even your injuries, if you feel able to do so.

Often, your medical records will provide sufficient information for injury solicitors in Walthamstow to be able to start your compensation claim so don’t worry if you weren’t able to collect any evidence at the scene of the incident.

If you’re thinking about making a compensation claim with injury solicitors in Walthamstow soon, you may want to find out more about the claims process and how it works. If so, why not contact us for free no obligation advice? You can contact us at any time on 0800 689 5659 if you’re calling and we’ll always be happy to help with your compensation claim.