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Personal injury solicitor in Solihull

Often cited as the most desirable area of the West Midlands conurbation, Solihull is a large town of around 200,000 residents which is just nine miles south east of Birmingham city centre. It is one the most affluent areas of the UK outside London but unlike the UK capital, it has been voted one of the “best places to live” in the United Kingdom. Those born in the town are referred to as Silhillians.

When the Industrial Revolution was transforming large swathes of England during the 1800s, Solihull remained largely unchanged. It stayed as a small market town throughout most of the 21st century as well but when large tracts of land were released for housing development in the middle of the last century it attracted many new residents and the town grew.

It is a combination of traditional and new developments. Mell Square is an open-air 1960s-style shopping centre which was constructed on the site of several terraces of Victorian houses. Whereas, Touchwood is a modern shopping centre opened in 2002.

Solihull is clearly a pleasant area to live according to those that call it home. However, that does not make it impossible for accidents to happen and for people to get hurt. Road traffic accidents and slips, trips and falls in public areas are probably the most common but workplace accidents are also a possibility.

Accidents are always a painful and inconvenient episode in the lives of those that were hurt but if the accident was caused by the actions or inactions of another party, then it adds insult to injury. The way of redressing the balance is to start a personal injury claim. You do not have to look for a personal injury solicitor in Solihull to do this. You are perfectly within your rights to choose a national law firm like us here at Accident Advice Helpline.

We have an impressive reputation for helping people to get the compensation that they deserve. Give us a call right now and we can discuss what we can do for you.

Road traffic accidents in Solihull

Solihull is close to the M42 motorway and has several busy trunk roads running through it including the A41. There are many busy B roads and built-up streets in the town also. There are indications that road safety in built-up areas is improving. Statistics show that built-up roads with speed limits of 30 mph had a 12 per cent fall in fatalities, a three per cent fall in serious injuries and a six per cent fall in slight injuries.

Nevertheless, some roads in built-up areas like Solihull have been identified as accident hotspots. In particular, the roundabout at the entrance to Solihull Hospital has been noted as one of the most dangerous roundabouts in the west midlands with 15 accidents and 22 people hurt over a five year period.

Road traffic accidents like this should not be accepted as an inevitable part of using the roads. If all drivers were careful and diligent every time they got behind the wheel, the accident rates would be much lower. If you have been injured in an accident that was not your own fault, we do not think that you should just accept it as fate.

The compensation that we can help you win will enable you to cope with your injury without worrying about your finances. We are experts at handling claims for road traffic accidents in Solihull so pick up the phone and call us now.

Whiplash accident in Solihull

If you have suffered a whiplash accident in Solihull you will already be aware of how painful the condition can be. Far from the mild injury that it is often portrayed as in the media, it can be very debilitating and 20 per cent of sufferers still have symptoms, such as neck pain, a year after the accident.

It is important to get checked out by a doctor as soon as the symptoms start, even if this is the day after the accident. Medical research has shown that most cases are helped by taking pain killers (if it is safe for you to do so) and moving gently. Some people are treated by a physiotherapist who will give them special exercises to aid their recovery.

We have been helping people with whiplash injuries to claim the compensation they deserve for more than 16 years. In that time, we have built up an enviable reputation. Call us today for an assessment of your case.

Work accident in Solihull

Statistics show that Solihull is both an expensive place to live and a location where wages are high. In fact, the local average salary is well above the national average, giving residents of Solihull larger disposable incomes.

Academic and education support jobs are plentiful with five universities within a 16-mile radius of the town. For those wanting to live in Solihull but commute elsewhere to work, both the M40 and M42 are close by. There is a motor industry production plant situated in Solihull along with headquarters of brands operating in the hospitality and personal finance industries.

Solihull council is a partner in a local ‘Economic Development Strategy’ which aims to provide further high-paying jobs to the area including marketing analyst strategic planning jobs, account managing jobs and design engineers.

Have you been injured in a workplace accident in Solihull? Employees in jobs with high salaries are often protected by comprehensive sick-pay schemes if they suffer an injury at work but these do not provide an income indefinitely. Perhaps your money worries have just begun to set in? Employment sick-pay schemes rarely cover the additional expenses introduced by a serious injury such as equipment costs and help with personal care.

Here at Accident Advice Helpline we understand that claiming against your employer for a work accident in Solihull can be worrying. However, we have an expert team to support you through the whole process so give us a call in complete confidence now.

Slips, trips and falls in Solihull

Have you had a fall whilst you were out and about around Solihull? Perhaps you are simply trying to forget about the episode because it was a little embarrassing?

Many people who have suffered slips, trips and falls in Solihull find that a little embarrassment is the least of their worries. Soon, the bills start to mount up and they struggle to pay them because they are not able to work.

If you think that your slip, trip or fall was caused by something that someone did or failed to do, we may be able to help. Our legal team are highly effective at fighting this type of case and the chances are you will not even have to go to court.

If you slipped, tripped or fell over something that should not have be there or because of a lack of maintenance then you may be able to make claim. If you are looking for a personal injury solicitor in Solihull give us a call. Our highly trained advisers will be happy to discuss your accident with you so give us a ring right now.

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