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Personal injury solicitor in Redditch

Redditch, just 15 miles outside Birmingham, Worcestershire, used to be the world’s biggest supplier of needles, manufacturing over 90 per cent of total output. Today, the manufacture of needles has become more widespread, but Redditch, with its population of over 84,000 people, still has a strong core of engineering in its economic make-up.

Testament to its economic pedigree today, Redditch is home to an automotive retailer and one of the U.K.’s engineering giants. There is also a manufacturer of electrical contacts made from precious metals that has its main manufacturing plants here in Redditch.

Redditch can trace its history back to 1348 when it was first mentioned in a year that saw the outbreak of the Black Death. Since then the town has flourished, and it became the working model for new town development in the 1960s when it was referred to somewhat unflatteringly as “The Ditch.”

The town’s flagship shopping mall, the Kingfisher Shopping Centre offers world-class shopping to residents and is a symbol of the economic and cultural resurgence that town is going through.

With its engineering heritage still very much in the forefront and its bustling social life, accidents in which people get injured happened just as much in Redditch as any other busy conurbation here in the UK. If you are an innocent injury victim looking for financial compensation you might like to appoint Accident Advice Helpline to act as your personal injury solicitor in Redditch.

Although we are not physically based here in Redditch we do have a bone-fide national presence, and thanks to our interactive website and the free national helpline service that we provide, people not only from Redditch but from all over the UK, seek our services to help them to gain the injury compensation they deserve.

If you are contemplating registering an injury claim, calling us here at Accident Advice Helpline today for help and advice could increase your claim’s chances of success

Road traffic accidents in Redditch

Every year, road traffic accidents in Redditch cause serious injuries to many drivers, passengers and pedestrians. When those who are injured are themselves responsible for the accidents, there is little or no chance of them claiming injury compensation. Innocent injury victims, however, injured because of the actions or inactions of others, may well be entitled to financial compensation which is where we here at Accident Advice Helpline come into the frame.

The general consensus of opinion is that the road system around the town of Redditch is somewhat confusing. It is dominated by a series of dual carriageway is which were built when Redditch was being developed as a new town. The road system includes the only cloverleaf interchange in England. It is found at the junction between the A441 and the A448.

It was designed especially to precipitate the speedy flow of large quantities of traffic. Unfortunately, it is also the scene of a number of road traffic accidents throughout the year.

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident in or around Redditch and you need help with formulating a claim for financial compensation, you should think about appointing Accident Advice Helpline to act as your personal injury solicitor in Redditch.

You might like to start out by taking what we refer to as our 30-second test™. This test is something you can find on our website. All it involves is answering a series of simple questions about your accident and injury. Once completed, you will be given an estimate of how much compensation you could be awarded.

Why not take the test right now? Alternatively, you can call our national helpline and ask one of our friendly advisors to walk you through the questions, and to advise you on a one to one basis about your options.

Whiplash accident in Redditch

If you’ve suffered a whiplash accident in Redditch, the first thing you should do is to go and see your doctor to get a medical diagnosis and be treated. Confirmation of your medical diagnosis will be an important piece of proof when it comes to registering a claim for compensation.

The reason that whiplash accidents are so frequent is because they can occur at relatively low speeds. Many whiplash injuries actually occur when a stationary vehicle (in which a driver and perhaps passengers are sat) is rear-ended. Being totally unprepared for the impact, those inside the stationary vehicle frequently sustain serious whiplash injuries due to their heads and necks being violently jerked.

The injury itself is not always immediately apparent. It often manifests itself after several hours, particularly when the head and neck have been rested during sleep.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a whiplash injury for which someone else is to blame you ought to contact Accident Advice Helpline and talk to one of our experienced advisors about launching a claim for financial compensation. The advisor will give you all of the help that you need and will discuss all aspects of your claim, including any costs you may have incurred as a direct result of said accident.

The sooner you register your claim, the better, while it is still fresh in everyone’s minds. That being the case, why not be proactive and call our helpline today?

Slips, trips and falls in Redditch

There are a certain number of people injured in slips, trips and falls in Redditch every year. Sometimes the injuries are not particularly significant and many people, therefore, do not bother to try and claim compensation. In some instances though, the injuries can be quite severe, especially for example, if the victim is an older adult with osteoporosis, the brittle bone disease.

Broken bones can be severely debilitating and depending on the nature of the break and the age of the victim, recovery can be protracted. Before you can consider claiming compensation however, you must first be sure that someone else was to blame for the incident.

The other things worth bearing in mind before talking to Accident Advice Helpline about the possibility of claiming is that the accident must have happened in the past three years, and you must have medical proof of your injury.

If you can comply with these requirements, you should have a strong case for financial compensation, and we here at Accident Advice Helpline will be only too pleased to assist you if you decide to appoint us to act as your personal injury solicitor in Redditch.

It doesn’t matter who was responsible for the accident as long as it wasn’t you. Accident Advice Helpline is used to dealing with businesses and corporations which are deemed to be to blame. It doesn’t matter whether they are large or small as we have extensive experience in dealing with compensation claims at all levels.

To find out more call us here at Accident Advice Helpline on the numbers shown below today.

Work accident in Redditch

With such a concentration of engineering businesses, a work accident in Redditch involving some sort of machinery is quite common. However, it’s not just machines that cause injury.

Slips trips and falls, and falls from height, are also common causes of injuries in the workplace. Another common cause is manual handling. It’s very easy to damage your back if you have not been shown the correct way of manually lifting a heavy load.

If your employer is to blame in some way for an accident that injures you in the workplace, then you should launch a claim for financial compensation. Don’t worry, your employer will be covered by liability insurance, and it’s this that will be called into action to settle any injury compensation claims.

Another positive about your employer being taken to task for any failures of their health and safety regime is that it will help to prevent a similar sort of accident from happening to someone else. However it is important to act quickly, so why not pick up the phone today and call Accident Advice Helpline?

You can reach us via our national helpline service by simply calling 0800 689 5659 if calling if calling. Call us today.