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Personal injury solicitor in Glasgow

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, and the 3rd -largest in the UK. It’s was a major centre of the Scottish Enlightenment, thanks in part to the University of Glasgow which was established as far back as the 15th century. Since then, Glasgow has undergone a number of significant shifts in its economy, from a merchant traders’ hub with North America and the West Indies, through to its important place in the Industrial Revolution as a centre of textiles, chemicals and, notably, shipbuilding and marine engineering.

Like many similar cities in the UK, that economy has transformed again since the decline of manufacture and industry in the country, and is now centred around tourism, culture and blue chip and customer service industries.

Glasgow has a thriving cultural scene and is home to famous music venues like the SECC and King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, and visual art institutions like the Glasgow School of Art, the Gallery of Modern Art and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum. It has a strong sporting heritage and is famous for its rival football teams, Celtic and Rangers, affectionately known as the “Old Firm”.

As one of the largest cities in the UK, with a sizeable population that swells significantly thanks to tourism, Glasgow has its fair share of accidents. If you were injured in an accident in the city, whether on the roads, at work or anywhere else, and it wasn’t your fault, Accident Advice Helpline could help you.

We have over 16 years’ experience of helping innocent accident victims to make successful personal injury claims; call us today to find out how we could help you.

Road traffic accidents in Glasgow

While many UK cities have seen road traffic accidents fall over the last decade, Glasgow has struggled to match this success. The city has generally seen accident numbers remain static, from 1577 in 2011 to 1524 in 2015, and fatal accidents have actually increased from 13 to 14 a year over the same period.

However, Glasgow City Council has committed itself to meeting the new 2020 road casualty targets as set out by the Scottish Government and has provided action plans and educational programmes for schools and beyond as part of the ‘Go Safe Glasgow’ campaign.

Everyone has a duty to stay safe on the roads, but no matter how careful you are, you can’t always mitigate the actions of others. The top causes of road traffic accident in Glasgow remain speeding, careless driving (including the use of mobile phones) and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In such cases, it can be impossible to prevent an accident from happening, no matter how careful you are.

Accidents like these can lead to serious injuries and can have a detrimental impact on quality of life. If you sustained injuries in an accident like this and it was someone else’s fault, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Instead of hunting high and low for a personal injury solicitor in Glasgow to help you with your claim, contact the experts, Accident Advice Helpline, instead.

Whiplash accident in Glasgow

The vast choice of osteopaths and chiropractors in Glasgow offering help to those who have sustained whiplash injuries goes to show how common the injury is. With its busy streets and one-way systems, you could be forgiven for thinking that there would be less chance of a whiplash accident in Glasgow, but in fact, whiplash may be more common in slow shunts than in high speed collisions.

This is due to the nature of the injury; it is sustained when the head and neck are thrown back and forward on sudden impact. This is often compounded by the locking mechanism of modern seatbelts which exerts an opposing force to the direction of travel of the body.

Whiplash can lead to headaches, fatigue, loss of concentration, pins and needles in the arms and neck and shoulder pain. In many cases, symptoms take a day or two to appear so you might not immediately know you’ve been affected.

Most people report that symptoms subside in a couple of days but some people suffer symptoms for weeks, months or even a year or more. This can result in having to take time off work to recover, which can lead to a loss of earnings.

If you experienced this as the result of an accident that was someone else’s fault, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. This could help you to recover some or all of the costs you’ve incurred. You could look for a suitable personal injury solicitor in Glasgow to help you with you claim, but solicitors can be costly.

Instead, why not contact Accident Advice Helpline? We can represent you on a no win no fee basis, so there are no upfront costs to start a claim.

Slips, trips and falls in Glasgow

Slips, trips and falls in Glasgow might seem like minor accidents in comparison with road traffic accidents and the like, but they can still result in painful and debilitating injuries like fractures or broken bones, especially in the wrists or ankles.

Most of the time, such accidents could not have been prevented; it’s common for people to lose their footing without any obstacle causing it. However, occasionally these accidents happen because of obstacles that could have been prevented, for instance, excess liquid in the lobby of an office building, or loose paving slabs that should have been fixed.

If you were injured like this and it wasn’t your fault, you could make a claim for compensation which could compensate you for your pain and suffering. A personal injury solicitor in Glasgow could help you, but it can be tough to find a solicitor who has the experience you need to make the best possible case.

Accident Advice Helpline is one of the largest law firms in the UK and we specialise in personal injury claims, so you know we’ve got the knowledge and expertise you need. contact us today to find out more.

Work accident in Glasgow

Like many large, modern cities, many people in Glasgow are employed in the service, hospitality and tourism sectors. There are also large numbers of people employed in construction and manufacturing. Scotland as a whole has seen a marked increase in the average number of hours worked on an annual basis.

Accidents at work can happen for a variety of reasons and across all industries. While these accidents are sometimes unavoidable, and may even be a risk inherent to the job, you have a right to carry out your work without the danger of injury.

Employers have a duty of care to minimise the risk of harm to their employees by providing adequate training, personal protective equipment and clothing and by ensuring that all equipment and machinery is in good working order.

If you were injured in a work accident in Glasgow and you believe your employer was at fault, you could make a claim against them for personal injury compensation. This could not only help you to recover some or all of your costs, but it could also force them to change their practices, ensuring that no one else is injured in a similar way in the future.

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