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Personal injury solicitor in Fareham

Before you consider hiring a personal injury solicitor in Fareham, stop and think about what you really need. If you’re looking to make a claim for compensation for personal injuries, but you’re not sure what the outcome of the case is likely to be, you may be concerned about being liable for large legal fees. When you choose us to represent you on your case, these need not be a worry to you.

Established in the year 2000, Accident Advice Helpline is a national law firm with an impeccable reputation. We have been winning compensation for our clients for years, thanks to the expertise of out fantastic lawyers. If you have been the victim of an accident over the last three years that was not your fault, and you would like to make a claim for compensation for your injuries, Accident Advice Helpline is the law firm you need. In addition, we offer no, win, no-fee as standard to all of our clients, because when it comes to achieving justice, it shouldn’t break the bank.

In the south of the UK, close to Portsmouth Harbour, Fareham is a busy market town nestled between the larger cities of Southampton and Portsmouth. It is a town that was once renowned for making bricks, including the ones used to build the Royal Albert Hall in London, and is also renowned for strawberry growing. Fareham residents number in the region of 111,000, with around 42,000 living in the town centre.

Road traffic accidents in Fareham

The A32 through the Meon Valley and North Fareham has recently been named the fifth most hazardous road for drivers in the UK following research by a vehicle telematics firm. They analysed driving habits on numerous rural, single-lane carriageways with 60mph speed limits throughout the UK. According to the police there were 15 collisions on the A32 during 2016, and seven in the first six months of 2017. The Road Crash Index has also labelled the road as a ‘high risk road’ because statistics demonstrate that the number of serious and fatal crashes in Hampshire have risen by three percent since 2010, and the A32 have seen an increase in fatal crashes in the intervening years, with over 55 serious accidents, and one fatality.

Observers suggest that people are driving at the road’s given speed, rather than paying careful attention to the road and the conditions, or considering other road users. There have been complaints about motorcyclists on the A32 as well, as some of them have a tendency to speed through the villages along the road.

If you have been injured in road traffic accidents in Fareham thanks to the reckless driving of another person and you would like to make a claim, call Accident Advice Helpline today. Claims aren’t limited to car drivers – you may have been a passenger in a car, or on public transport, or you may have been a cyclist, a motorbike rider, pillion passenger or pedestrian. Call us today with details about your accident and see if you can claim compensation for your personal injuries.

Whiplash accidents in Fareham

While a personal injury solicitor in Fareham might think twice about pursuing a compensation claim for a whiplash injury, here at Accident Advice Helpline, we believe that if you have been in an accident that was not your fault, you should be able to make a claim for your injuries, regardless of whether it is a whiplash claim or not.

Work is currently underway to ease congestion in Fareham and surrounding areas and we are thrilled to hear that, because we understand that congestion is one of the single biggest factors when it comes to whiplash accidents.

Slow moving traffic can lead to frustration among drivers, and a small number of drivers who become impatient and angry can thus become reckless, accelerating hard, braking hard, cutting in, or generally not paying due care and attention to the road and other road users. If you’ve been involved in a rear end, or sideways shunt, causing whiplash injuries, fortunately in slow-moving traffic, your injuries will tend to be slight. However, research has shown that simply the difference of 5mph between two vehicles that collide can cause whiplash.

If you have received medical attention for your injuries, and you would like to make a claim for compensation, why not utilise our no win no fee offer? Call Accident Advice Helpline today.

Slips, trips and falls in Fareham

Some of the most common claims we see relate to slips, trips and falls, both at work and elsewhere. If you have suffered injuries after slips, trips and falls in Fareham, in an accident that was through no fault of your own, then you should get in touch and ask about making a claim.

You may have slipped in the street, thanks to an untreated pavement in bad weather, or perhaps you tripped on goods left lying around in a public place. You may have fallen down unlit stairs, or into a pothole, or perhaps you fell when you tripped over some tools left lying around, or slipped on cardboard boxes left dotting the floor in a supermarket.

Whatever happened, however it happened, as long as you were not to blame and the accident occurred during the last three years, get in touch with us with details about your injuries and the treatment you received. Compensation is just a phone call away.

Work accident in Fareham

In spite of health and safety legislation, the number of accidents we make claims for following incidents at work, never seems to decrease. You may not wish to rock the boat after an accident at work, but such accidents can be potentially fatal and we urge you to reconsider.

The beauty of working with a law firm such as Accident Advice Helpline when you want to make a claim for compensation following a work accident in Fareham is that we have all the knowledge of employment law you will need, in addition to personal injury law. We will take steps to safeguard your employment status, so you have nothing to fear.

For a confidential chat about making your claim for workplace injuries, call us today.

No win no fee and all the expertise you’ll need!

When you’re considering a personal injury solicitor in Fareham, talk to Accident Advice Helpline first. no win no fee means you won’t have to raid your savings in order to make a claim. For more information about no win no fee or the process of making a claim for compensation, call Accident Advice Helpline today.

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