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Personal injury solicitor in Enfield

Located in north London, the London Borough of Enfield is one of the oldest parts of the city. Originally recorded in the Domesday Book, Enfield developed into a small market town before becoming a designed London Borough in the 1960s.

Despite covering an area of just 33 square miles, Enfield is home to over 330,000 residents. Like most London Boroughs, Enfield is highly populated, with numerous schools, colleges and facilitates to serve the resident’s needs.

Although Enfield is the most northern of the London Boroughs, it maintains good travel links into the City. As well as numerous buses connecting Enfield to London, the London Overground rail service provides regular trains from Enfield into the city centre. This makes Enfield a popular location for those who commute into the City for work.

In addition to this, good transport links in and out of the Borough ensure that Enfield remains a popular place to live. With easy access to both Central London and Hertfordshire, Enfield residents benefit from both the attractions in the capital and the countryside of counties further afield.

Of course, Enfield has an identity of its own as well. Since undergoing redevelopment, there are now more shopping and entertainment facilities in the area than ever before. As well as the Palace Garden Shopping Centre in Enfield town, residents benefit from the new shopping and leisure centres in nearby Edmonton Green. Similarly, the retail parks, restaurants and cinema located off the A10 provide year-round entertainment for residents and visitors alike.

Although people don’t always associate the London Boroughs with outdoor attractions and idyllic scenery, Enfield has a number of beautiful landscapes. Trent Park, for example, covers over 400 acres of land and offers lakes and woodlands, as well as historic sites. With a golf course, equestrian facilities and outdoor activity centres, visitors can fill their time with pursuits at Trent Park or simply stroll around the area and enjoy the landscape.

Similarly, Myddelton House Gardens in Lee Valley Regional Park provides guests with the opportunity to over 8 acres of land and exotic flowers. With Capel Manor Gardens situated in Bullsmoor Lane and Forty Hall and Estate also open to the public, there are plenty of places to enjoy the outdoor spaces in Enfield.

From time-to-time, however, local residents and visitors to the area may experience accidents. Whilst serious accidents aren’t particularly commonplace, minor accidents occur in locations all over the country and Enfield is no different. When accidents happen, whether minor or otherwise, they can have serious consequences for all involved. As well as running the risk of sustaining serious injuries, people often suffer practical, emotional and financial burdens as a result of an unexpected accident.

If you’ve been hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be looking to consult a personal injury solicitor in Enfield. It is possible you could obtain compensation for the harm you’ve suffered, but that doesn’t mean you should restrict your search to local solicitors.

At Accident Advice Helpline, we specialise in personal injury claims and, as a national law firm, we’re able to assist victims from all over the country. If you’ve been hurt whilst in Enfield and you don’t think you were responsible for the accident, contact us now and find out free if you can claim.

Road traffic accidents in Enfield

Although there are plenty of public transport services running through Enfield, many people choose to use their own vehicle. As in most places in London, traffic can build up in the borough, and accidents may occur as a result.

In order to try and reduce the number of road traffic incidents, Enfield Council has instigated a number of safety campaigns. The Enfield Council Road Safety Team has offered free Momentum assessments to young drivers, for example. Designed to help newer drivers gain additional skills, these courses can help to increase road safety.

Similarly, Enfield Council has provided free child car seat checks so that parents can be sure that they’re transported their children as safely as possible. When combined with the Cycle Enfield movement, it’s clear to see that authorities are trying to improve road safety wherever possible.

Despite these efforts, accidents do still continue to occur on Enfield’s roads fairly regularly. If you’ve been affected a road traffic incident in the area, you may feel that it’s important to take legal action. People can feel particularly strongly about making a compensation claim if they feel that the person responsible for the incident was driving dangerously or wasn’t paying attention to their surroundings.

If someone else caused the incident and your injuries, you should be able to make a claim. Providing you received medical treatment for your injuries following the accident, it’s likely that you’ll be awarded compensation which could be a big help during your recovery.

If you’ve been hurt in road traffic accidents in Enfield, why not contact us today? Our personal injury team will be able to confirm your eligibility and even get your claim started. Call Accident Advice Helpline now to find out more.

Whiplash accident in Enfield

Despite being an extremely common type of injury, people don’t always realise that you can obtain compensation for whiplash. As so many people suffer from whiplash, they tend to think that it won’t be worth making a personal injury claim for it. In fact, you’d be surprised at just how much compensation you could receive as a result of a successful claim for whiplash.

In Enfield, the high volume of traffic means that motorists are often crawling along at a snail’s pace, and even if there isn’t congestion, most of the roads in Enfield have speed limits of 30-40 mph. In dense traffic, the chance of a collision is high, even if it’s not a particularly serious accident. But did you know that drivers and passengers can suffer fairly severe whiplash injuries, even if the accident happened at a relatively slow speed?

If someone else was to blame for your accident, you could claim whiplash compensation after your accident. You could be suffering for weeks or even months as a result of your injury, so don’t be put off claiming because whiplash is ‘not that bad’. If you’ve been planning to contact a personal injury solicitor in Enfield to find out more about taking legal action, why not talk to our personal injury advisors instead?

We’re always happy to assist new claimants, and offer free no-obligation advice so you can learn more without paying anything upfront. Why wait? Call Accident Advice Helpline now and start your claim.

Slips, trips and falls in Enfield

Unfortunately, no area is free from accidents and, sometimes, the simplest of incidents can lead to serious injuries. Whilst many people might suffer minor injuries from a slip or fall, people could also be at risk from suffering life-threatening harm as a result of this type of accident.

Due to this, councils, businesses and organisations are under a duty to provide a safe environment for members of the public. This might apply to open public areas, such as parks and town centres, or private establishments, such as shops, restaurants and even private homes.

Providing a clean and tidy environment can help to prevent slips, trips and falls in Enfield. Whilst most shops are keen to display as much stock as possible, this should only be done safely. Customers should be able to navigate their way through a store without tripping on poorly placed displays or having to climb to access certain products, for example.

Although some slips, trips and falls are nobody’s fault but our own, sometimes we really shouldn’t blame ourselves. If we’ve been hurt because someone else put danger in our path, they should be made to take responsibility for what happened. For this reason, the compensation process exists.

If your injury received medical attention and wasn’t your fault, we may be able to help. Call Accident Advice Helpline and find out more about making a claim today.

Work accident in Enfield

Historically, Enfield was known for its manufacturing industry, and this is a sector which continues to thrive in the area. A large proportion of the local population work in manufacturing, but there is also considerable diversity in Enfield’s employment market.

With many retail and leisure businesses based in the borough, a significant number of people work in these companies, as well as in service related positions. Almost half of Enfield’s working population are employed in managerial, professional or technical roles across a variety of sectors.

Typically, these kinds of roles aren’t thought of as particularly dangerous, but this doesn’t mean that health and safety should be ignored. Unfortunately, a work accident in Enfield can occur in any type of workplace and any member of staff can be affected, so it’s important all employers exercise excellent health and safety standards.

If you’ve been hurt whilst restocking shelves on a shop floor, injured whilst using plant machinery or suffered harm due to poorly placed office equipment, you could be eligible to claim compensation. In fact, if you’ve been hurt at work at all, and you think your employer could have done more to keep you safe, taking legal action could help you bring justice to a bad situation.

If you plan on making a compensation claim against your employer, you need expert legal representation on your side. To find out more about obtaining compensation for a workplace injury, contact Accident Advice Helpline now.

Making a successful compensation claim

making a claim can be easier than you expect when you work with Accident Advice Helpline. We work hard to shoulder the burden of your claim, so that you can focus on your recovery instead of worrying about paperwork. However, you don’t have an unlimited amount of time in which to take legal action. Most accident victims only have three years in which to make a claim, so it’s important to seek legal help before time runs out.

If you’ve put off contacting a personal injury solicitor in Enfield because of the cost involved, take a fresh look at our services. As well as providing free, no-obligation advice, we promise to take your case on a no win no fee basis. That means we can represent you with some of the best solicitors in the UK, no matter what your financial situation.

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