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Personal injury solicitor in Devon

Situated in the Southwest of England, Devon is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK. The county’s sandy shores and bays have several large holiday resorts, fishing towns and ports. More inland, is Dartmoor, the largest open space in southern England. Made famous by Dartmoor Prison and books such as Wuthering Heights, the moors attract many thousands of visitors every year.

The population of nearly 800,000 swells dramatically in the summer months, with the holiday resorts known collectively as The English Riviera contributing large amounts to the county’s economy. Tourism is the mainstay of the financial status of Devon.

Agriculture used to be a much larger industry, but the foot and mouth outbreak of 2001 did it a lot of damage. Some of the farms have diversified, and are now recovering but it will probably never be as significant again. Service Industries are growing with the advent of new technology. Now that financial services and the like can work remotely, there are several large businesses moved their headquarters to Devon.

As you would expect with such a large amount of holiday resorts, Devon has many attractions.. From theme parks to wildlife adventures, restaurants and shopping areas, museums and play areas, there is always something to do in Devon.

With the large amount of visitors that are unfamiliar with the infrastructure, it should be no surprise that sometimes accidents happen in the county. If you have been unlucky enough to be injured in an accident that was not your fault, you may be looking for a personal injury solicitor in Devon to help you claim compensation. Rather than trying to find someone with the experience you need locally, call Accident Advice Helpline. We have been making successful claims all over the UK for more than 17 years, and will happily help you with yours. Give us a ring today to find out more.

Road traffic accidents in Devon

Devon has some very dangerous roads, and the number of fatalities from Road traffic accidents in Devon has increased over the last 5 years. In just one year there were a total of 1792 people killed on the roads of the county, and this included 816 car occupants, 448 pedestrians and 102 cyclists. It was noted that there was also a rise in the fatalities in cars travelling at just 20mph.

Care needs to be taken on the roads of Devon, as these figures do not include serious or more minor injuries. If you have been injured in a road traffic accident and you were not to blame, making a compensation claim is something you should consider. Only about 30 percent of innocent accident victims pursue compensation, often the reason the other 70 percent don’t bother being that they are concerned about the cost of a personal injury solicitor in Devon.

Your financial situation does not need to be a problem when you let us help with your claim because of our no win no fee agreement. This stops you having to find any money for your claim to be started, or worrying about a legal bill from us if your claim is lost. If you want to know more about how this works, call us today.

Whiplash accident in Devon

Most of the time, a whiplash accident in Devon probably happens on the roads, but there are other ways you can suffer a whiplash injury. All it takes is something to make your head jolt out of its normal movement zone, and then you will suffer the pain and discomfort of whiplash.

For most victims it takes just a few weeks to heal, but for some suffers it can take months and then it is known as chronic whiplash. It is not fair that you should have to put up with so much pain and suffering because of the actions of someone else. If you were not to blame for your whiplash accident, you could be entitled to compensation.

Personal injury claims are complex and a specialist area of the law. This is why rather than trying to find a personal injury solicitor in Devon, you should use our expertise. Our solicitors are among the best for personal injury claims, and they will ensure that you are awarded the justice you deserve. Ca;; us today for more information.

Work accident in Devon

As you would expect in a county like Devon, at 10 percent more than the normal average for the country work in accommodation and food services. Healthcare, retail and construction are also above the norm but most other trades or professions are similar to or slightly lower the average for the rest of the UK.

All trades and professions come with their own dangers and there are health and safety rules relating to them all. It is up to your employer to make sure they are complied with in your workplace, or workers may be injured in accidents that were not there fault.

If this has happened to you, you might be thinking of making a compensation claim but be concerned how your boss will react. Firstly, it is illegal for them to treat you badly or fire your just because you have made a claim and them. Secondly, research shows that this does not happen in most cases anyway. Employers are more like to help with a claim than they are to be a hindrance.

We have specialist solicitors in all area of personal injury law, including for work accident claims, and our friendly advisors are here to help. They will; answer all you questions, and give you all the free claims advice you need. Just give us a call today, you will not be committing yourself to anything.

Slips, trips and falls in Devon

Slipping, tripping or falling can be an embarrassment you would rather forget, but they can also be very serious. Wherever you go, if it any sort of place the public are allowed, someone is responsible for health and safety. This includes open spaces such as streets and parks, as well as business premises such as shops.

If slips, trips and falls in Devon were the reason you have been injured, and the accident was caused through the carelessness or negligence of someone else, you could be entitled to make a compensation claim. Trying to make the claim yourself is not a good idea. They are a legal process that can be complex and time-consuming. Far better to let us take the strain, so give us a call today.

We will take all the hard work away and make the personal injury claim experience as simple, efficient and stress-free as possible. It only takes one phone call to get your claim started. If you are using a landline ring 0800 689 5659.