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Personal injury solicitor in Burnley

Burnley in Lancashire is a market town with a strong industrial heritage. It was once a foremost mill town in the area, producing cotton cloth, and has been a centre for engineering throughout that time. Unlike many similar UK town, Burnley has retained a strong manufacturing base and is home to a number of automotive and aerospace businesses.

The town has a number of landmarks, including the Weaver’s Triangle and the Singing Ringing Tree. It also has a very rich cultural scene, with multiple museums and art galleries, including the Queen Street Mill Textile Museum, several large parks, and annual festivals such as the Burnley International Rock and Blues Festival and the Burnley Balloon Festival. Burnley has a significant sporting heritage too; it’s main football team is Burnley F.C. and is also home to cricket, rugby, athletics and many other sporting teams.

Accidents can happen in any busy town and Burnley is no exception. Work-related accidents, accidents on the roads and those in public places can happen anytime and anywhere. If you were injured in such an accident within the last three years and it wasn’t your fault, Accident Advice Helpline can help you to make a claim.

As one of the largest law firms in the UK, we are uniquely placed to help you with your claim, no matter where you are in the UK. Call us today to find out how.

Road traffic accidents in Burnley

Burnley is part of the county of Lancashire, an area that has numbers of road traffic accidents relatively on a par with similar-sized areas of the UK. It has also seen these accident numbers fall slightly during the last five years, but not as much as some other parts of the country.

There are a number of reasons for road traffic accidents in Burnley. Sometimes they can be due to congestion on the roads, or poor road network infrastructures. In many cases, though, the causes are drivers themselves, one reason why so much is invested in road safety awareness campaigns in Burnley and Lancashire as a whole.

The leading causes of such accidents include speeding, driving carelessly or not concentrating (including using mobile phones while driving) or driving under the influence of drink or drugs. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are as a driver, you can still become involved in an accident due to the carelessness of others.

If you were injured in an accident like this and it wasn’t your fault, you might have had to shoulder the financial burden. If you took time off work to recover, you probably experienced a loss of earnings. You might also have had medical bills, prescription charges, travel fees and other cost to cover.

A claim for compensation could help you to recover some or all of these costs. You could look for a personal injury solicitor in Burnley to help with your claim, but solicitors can be costly and if you’ve already experienced financial difficulty as a result of your accident, that could put you off making a claim.

That’s why here at Accident Advice Helpline, we offer a no win no fee guarantee that means you don’t have to pay anything upfront to start your claim. Call us today to find out more.

Whiplash accident in Burnley

Burnley has a rich sporting tradition, but you might not be aware that a proportion of all whiplash injuries are sustained in sports. Bad tackles or poor pitch conditions in contact sports like rugby and football can all result in the head and neck being whipped back, causing symptoms like headaches, fatigue, muscle spasms and neck and back pain.

While in most cases, these accidents couldn’t have been prevented, sometimes they are caused by a lack of training or proper upkeep of the grounds. In these cases, you could be eligible to make a claim against the party you feel is responsible.

If you were injured in a whiplash accident in Burnley and you weren’t to blame, you should get help and support to make a claim. While whiplash claims aren’t particularly complex, you do have to prove that the other party was responsible. In the case of sporting injuries, this can be more difficult.

You could look for a personal injury solicitor in Burnley to help you make your claim, but how can you be sure they have the specialist knowledge and expertise you need to prove that you weren’t responsible for your accident?

With Accident Advice Helpline, you get the benefit of over 16 years’ experience in this industry; in that time, we’ve dealt with every kind of personal injury claim you imagine. We’ve already helped thousands of innocent accident victims to make successful claims, and we can put that knowledge and experience to good use helping you too.

Slips, trips and falls in Burnley

Burnley has an economy that is still based significantly around manufacturing. While slips, trips and falls in Burnley can happen in any industry, they are common in manufacturing industries. The Health and Safety Executive reports that around 2.1 million days of work are lost each year across all industries due to carrying heavy objects and slips, trips and falls.

Employers have taken steps to reduce the numbers of these accidents, and they have largely reduced over the last five years. The main areas of prevention include footwear and friction, housekeeping practices, fall protection and avoidance, the use of three-point contact and ladder safety.

However, slips, trips and falls can and do still happen. Falls from height can be particularly dangerous, often resulting in serious injuries like head or spinal trauma. Such injuries can be life-changing, leaving victims with chronic pain, limited mobility or cognitive impairment, and sometimes in need of personal care for long periods, perhaps even for life.

If you were injured in an accident like this and you believe someone else was responsible, help is at hand. Government legislation entitles you to make a claim for personal injury compensation that could compensate you for future loss of earnings if you’re prevented from returning to work, and help you to cover the substantial costs of personal care, adaptations and help around the home.

A personal injury solicitor in Burnley could help you but, with a three-year time limit on most accidents, you could spend unnecessary time searching for the right solicitor or firm. Instead, why not contact Accident Advice Helpline? We’ll give you free, no-obligation advice and support you throughout your claim.

Work accident in Burnley

Of course, slips, trips and falls aren’t the only work-related accidents. Manufacturing also carries the risk of accidents related to corrosive or dangerous chemicals and materials, risk of being caught in machinery or being struck by falling objects.

Most workplaces are safe places environments, with proper procedures in place to limit the risk of accidents. However, occasionally, employers cut corners or fail to implement procedures properly. Sometimes employees don’t receive full training, or maybe employers fail to repair and replace faulty machinery.

As employers have a duty of care to their employees. If you were injured in a work accident in Burnley and you believe it was caused by negligence or carelessness on the part of your employer, you could be entitled to make a claim against them for compensation.

Many people worry about making a claim against their employers, but it is your right to seek compensation if you’ve been unnecessarily injured. You are protected under law, so you needn’t worry about losing your job just because you choose to make a claim.

Doing so could find you receiving compensation for your physical or emotional pain and suffering, but it could also do more good too. Your employer may change their working practices, ensuring that no one else is injured in a similar way.

If you’re worried about making a claim like this, pick up the phone and talk to Accident Advice Helpline. Our friendly, professional advisers will give you all the support and advice you need, and we’ll be with you every step of the way if you do decide to go ahead with a claim.

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