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Personal injury solicitor in Birmingham

Being injured in an accident can be a traumatic experience for anyone. When that accident was caused by another person’s negligence, the pain of injuries can be compounded by the frustration and irritation that none of this was your fault. This, in turn, can encourage the victim to take action, and to seek out a personal injury solicitor in Birmingham to help with their case.

Home to over a million people, Birmingham is Britain’s second most populous city. It is home to an ethnically diverse population too, with an estimated 33.3 per cent of residents being non-white. This is higher than London at 30.4 per cent, but still lower than Leicester at 49.4 per cent. With such a high density of people, diversity of cultures and religions and all the trappings of modern life, it is inevitable that the occasional accident will befall a resident from Birmingham.

If you’ve already started looking for a personal injury solicitor in Birmingham, you’ll already know that the market is flooded with offers of help. We are confident that you’ll get no better support than from us at Accident Advice Helpline, because:

  • We’ve been in business since the year 2000: We’re no fly-by-night company who will disappear part way through your claim and leave you hanging.
  • We’re experts in our field: We only deal with personal injury cases, and have no interest in family law, business law or any other discipline. We are the specialists you need.
  • Our business is founded on ethical principles: We believe in integrity, accountability, dependability and reliability, so you can put your trust in us with confidence.
  • We have a proven track record: From whiplash claims to accidents in the workplace, we’ve seen and done it all. Our solicitors have an unbeatable track record of success in accident claims, so you know you’ve got the very best on your side.
  • We’re endorsed by Dame Esther Rantzen whole heartedly supports our law firm and all the successes we have in bringing justice to a bad situation.

There’s nothing more you could ask from a personal injury law firm in regard to handling your case. From start to finish, we’ll look after you throughout the process, taking care of all the paperwork and tricky negotiations so you can focus on your recovery. Whether you’ve been in a car crash, suffered an accident at work, or slipped and fallen in a public place, we can help you. Call today for more information about our personal injury solicitor in Birmingham services.

Road Traffic Accidents in Birmingham

Birmingham is a big, lively city, with plenty of people trying to get from one place to another. As a result, the roads can be busy. Too busy, in fact. Congestion in Birmingham can be a nightmare, and it is estimated that Brummies spend around 37 hours of their lives each year stuck in traffic jams. That’s a day and a half of frustration, and the third longest in the UK after London and Manchester.

One particular traffic hot spot was ranked as worse than any in Rome, Paris or Hamburg, which was the A38 (M) junction with the M6, locally known as the Gravelly Hill Interchange. In September last year alone, there were 17 bottlenecks in this area, lasting for more than three hours each and with queues that stretched back for more than five kilometres!

With so much traffic, so much congestion and so much stress, what Birmingham needs is conscientious, careful drivers. Unfortunately, that’s not what it got. In fact, Birmingham has earned a place in the top four cities for ‘worst drivers’ in the UK.

Bad drivers tend to cause the most problems because they do insist on driving fast, and when we look at road traffic accidents in Birmingham, it’s clear this is no exception. A new speed camera placed in Bristol Road between Priory Road and Speedwell Road last year clocked an incredible 4,889 drivers going too fast in just one month. In another situation, on the city’s busy A38, three drivers were caught racing at speeds in excess of 130mph.

The most dangerous roads in Britain?

With this worrying track record of epic traffic jams, frustrated road users and high-speed drivers, it’s no surprise that Birmingham road accidents are a relatively common sight. Recent data analysis has identified the West Midlands as being the most dangerous region in the UK for drivers, and a survey by ranked Birmingham as the third most dangerous city to drive in.

Of the urban roads in Birmingham, three stretches of 30mph road have been identified as being the worst for accidents, each reporting 11 accidents last year. These are: The A5127 in Aston; the A38 in Highgate; and the B4144 near Lozells. In terms of roundabouts, the most dangerous are identified as Bordesley Circus, followed by Shenley Fields and Moor Green Lane.

The knock on effect of this is that Birmingham is home to around one third of the postcodes with the highest vehicle insurance premiums in the UK, with most of the areas located around the infamous James Turner Street, a.k.a. ‘Benefits Street’. Insurance premiums here are now seven times higher than those in Aberdeen. In fact, for a middle aged married man working in retail with three kids, insuring a standard family car in the B9 Bordesley Green area would cost more than £900 more per year than in Aberdeen city centre.

Other areas with ridiculously high premiums include B10 for Small Heath, B11 for Sparkhill and Tyseley, B66 for Smethwick, Bearwood and Sandwell as well as B8 for Washwood Health, Ward End and Saltley. In all, Birmingham addresses make up the top 10 most expensive postcodes for car insurance in Britain, reflective of the high number of accidents, injuries and thefts that occur each year.

How many road traffic accidents in Birmingham each year?

In 2016, the number of casualties on Birmingham’s roads was up to 4,158, a rise of 16 per cent from the previous year. This equates to a substantial average of 80 people per week. Of these incidents, the severity of the injuries incurred has been steadily getting worse too. With 26 deaths in the city last year, that’s a rise of around 13 per cent compared to 2015 figures.

It’s not just Birmingham itself which has experienced a hike in road traffic accidents either. Across the whole of the West Midlands, injuries from road accidents were up 8.5 per cent, for a total of 8,355 injuries over the course of the year. Sadly, 56 people from these accidents died.

The cause of such increases, particularly at a time when the Department for Transport (DfT) was celebrating a four per cent decrease in road accidents across the UK as a whole, has been partly blamed on a reduction in traffic police across the West Midlands. The RAC reported that West Midland’s traffic cops had been cut by 25 per cent over a four-year period, putting lives at risk in the region.

What about two wheels?

Cyclists don’t get off Scott free either. Reports show that four cyclists are injured in Birmingham every day, and that over the last three years more than 1,500 individuals have been hurt. The worst roads for cyclists over the past three years included the A41 Warwick Road, where 49 were injured, A38 Bristol Road, where 42 were injured and the A441 Pershore road, where 35 were injured.

It’s not all doom and gloom, as in early 2015, Birmingham was awarded a £22.1m share of a nationwide government investment to make cycling easier and safer across Britain. Topped up with £7.9m of local funding, this means the city will be investing £30m in safer cycling over the coming years. Known as the Birmingham Cycle Revolution (BCR), the scheme aims to improve cycling conditions and get more people on their bikes, easing congestion and improving air quality.

After an accident

If you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of a road traffic accident in Birmingham, and the accident wasn’t your fault, we are here to help. Whether you were in a car crash because someone was driving recklessly, knocked off your bike by a careless driver, or even if you were a pedestrian who was knocked down by someone who lost concentration, Accident Advice Helpline offer the support and expertise you require.

Our team of experienced advisers, as well as our high-achieving, expert solicitors, will work with you to build a case against the negligent party. You’ll be compensated for your injures, and will be able to bring justice to a bad situation with our help. Don’t be another silent sufferer at the hands of reckless Birmingham drivers; let us help you claim the compensation you deserve.

Whiplash accident in Birmingham

Despite the worrying statistics surrounding the safety of roads in Birmingham, it’s important to realise that not all of these accidents will be major or involve life threatening injuries. Many will be simple shunts, low speed collisions or single vehicle bumps.

The Department of Transport reports that, of the 162,000 reported road traffic accidents which led to injuries around the UK, only 12 per cent were either serious injuries or fatalities. This means almost nine out of ten road traffic accidents in Birmingham result in minor injuries, which includes things like cuts and bruises as well as whiplash.

Whiplash is caused when the head is moved violently in one direction or another. This causes the soft tissue in the neck and shoulders to receive trauma, and to become strained, inflamed and painful. Whiplash is notorious for being suffered even in low speed crashes, with injuries sustained at speeds as low as five miles an hour.

Is Birmingham the whiplash capital of the world?

In 2013, Britain was dubbed the ‘whiplash capital of the world’ by our own government, as figures revealed 78 per cent of personal injury claims made that year were for whiplash incidents. The finger of blame was firmly pointed at the Midlands, as it was stated that there is a claim for a whiplash accident in Birmingham every three hours, earning it the title of Britain’s ‘Crash for Cash’ capital. But is this a fair assessment, or are there reasons behind why more Brits are claiming for whiplash than anywhere else in the world?

  • Congestion: Highly congested roads lead to more risk of low speed shunts. The UK averages 77 cars per kilometre of road, which is significantly higher than any other country in the EU, and 34 cars per kilometre higher than the EU average.
  • Vehicle design: According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), cars have become stiffer over recent years. This means less chance of serious risk from a rear end crash, but a higher probability of whiplash due to the transfer of energy in this type of crash.
  • Seat belts: Legislation around seatbelt use in 1983 has significantly increased the number of drivers and passengers using this life saving device. However, as seat belt use increases, so does injury to the soft tissue of the neck in the event of a crash. Whilst this is not a criticism of seat belts, it does help to understand why whiplash has risen over the past couple of decades.

Whilst there is no doubt that a proportion of whiplash claims in the past have been fake, the Associated Board of Insurers (ABI) thoroughly investigated and found only 7 per cent of claims to be fraudulent. This means that 93 per cent of personal injury claims for whiplash were honest and true, putting into perspective the so-called ‘epidemic’ for whiplash accident claims in Birmingham.

Research by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) found that, in fact, almost 40 per cent of people suffering a whiplash injury do not pursue a claim. However, if you think you are suffering from whiplash, it’s important to seek help sooner rather than later, as the symptoms can be long lasting.

For most people, whiplash will clear up within two weeks to two months (62 per cent), but for 18 per cent, the problems persist for up to a year. A further 20 per cent, so one in five, people who suffer a whiplash injury will continue to experience problems beyond a year, and some for many years to come.

Sometimes whiplash symptoms can take many hours to come to light, so although you may have walked away from an accident feeling fine, by the time you go to bed you could be feeling terrible. IT doesn’t matter if you said you felt OK at the time of the crash; you still have the opportunity to seek medical attention and to pursue a claim. Don’t ignore the symptoms, because if left untreated, whiplash could cause you pain and discomfort for the rest of your life.

Whiplash away from the roads

Whiplash can also happen when you’re not in a car or anywhere near the road, in fact. Any activity which results in a rapid and unexpected movement of the head could lead to a whiplash injury, such as:

  • Slipping or falling in the street
  • Falling from a horse
  • Receiving a blow to the head during a rugby match
  • Suffering a knock on the head from a falling object
  • Riding a white-knuckle rollercoaster

Some of these activities are taken part in voluntarily, therefore would not be eligible for a claim. However, if you think you’ve experienced whiplash after a fall at work, a trip in a public place or from being hit on the head by something, you could still claim.

Don’t try to assess whether your claim is eligible yourself. Our whiplash solicitors in Birmingham are here to do that for you, or you can take our 30-second test™ to find out for yourself. Whatever the cause of your whiplash, if someone else was to blame, we can help you bring a claim. Talk to our friendly team today for advice or to find out more about whiplash compensation in Birmingham.

Slips, trips and falls in Birmingham

Suffering a slip, trip or fall whether at work, out shopping or simply walking down the street, is usually nothing to worry too much about. Most of us get up and walk away with nothing worse than injured pride, but that’s not always the case. Some slips and falls led to serious injury, and can impact the victim for the rest of their lives.

We instinctively put out our hand to stop a fall, which can lead to injuries of the arm, shoulder, hand and neck. Slips, trips and falls (on the same level) account for almost half of all the serious injuries which get reported to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) each year, with 23 per cent causing injuries which requires more than seven days off work. Falling from height, which is the biggest cause of a fatality at work, accounts for only 6 per cent of non-fatal reported accidents.

Of course, you don’t have to be in the workplace to suffer from a slip, trip or fall in Birmingham. HSE state that slips and falls are the single biggest cause of injury in the UK today, with accidents happening in a range of places, from shopping centres to train stations and all manner of areas in between. If you have been hurt in a slip or fall, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

What types of slips, trips and falls are eligible for a claim?

In order to make a claim, someone else has to be to blame. If you simply tripped over your own feet, or slipped in your own kitchen, there is nobody to blame for your injuries. However, if you’re in a public place, you have a right to expect to be protected to some degree, and could make a claim if you fell because someone was negligent. For example:

  • You slipped on wet tiles which were being cleaned, and there was no warning sign in place
  • You tripped over a cable which was trailing across a path or corridor
  • You fell into a hole which was not adequately cordoned off
  • You slipped on liquid which was dripping from unmaintained machinery
  • An unmaintained, uneven public pathway caused you to trip and fall

There are hundreds of different situations where your slip, trip or fall would not have been your fault, so don’t presume that there’s nothing you can do. Suffering in silence when someone else was to blame makes no sense at all, and simply means that someone else could end up being hurt, just like you were.

Bring justice to this situation by taking out a claim against the responsible party. Our friendly advisers are at the end of the phone, waiting to help you decide if a claim is right for you. Talk to us today and we’ll link you up with an expert solicitor in slips, trips and falls in Birmingham who can help you claim what you deserve.

Work accident Birmingham

The city of Birmingham has a young demographic, with a higher proportion of under 34’s than the average across England. Around 57 per cent of Birmingham’s residents are of working age, i.e. 16 – 59, and just 18 per cent are over 60. Almost 900,000 people living in Birmingham are in employment, with almost half (43 per cent) working in management and professional positions, 20 per cent in process plant and manual jobs, 16 per cent in service professions and 20 per cent in administrative or skilled trades.

The most common employment sectors in Birmingham are construction, manufacturing, education and automotive manufacturing, meaning many workers here rely on their hands and work in relatively high-risk environments. As well as the people who live in Birmingham that work there, the city is a large importer of workers from outside of the city, including daily commuters and the rarer (but rising) ‘weekly boarders’.

What are the chances of a work accident in Birmingham?

Sickness and injury at work are common across the UK, with more than half a million workers reporting injuries at work to the Health and Safety Executive each year. As well as this, 1.3 million people report an illness which they believe to either have been caused by their job, or made worse by it.

With so many people working in construction in Birmingham, an industry worth more than £1bn to the local economy, the risk of accidents is high. Construction was cited as the second most dangerous profession in a recent review, with more than 20 per cent of workplace deaths occurring in this industry.

The gross value added (GVA) of transportation and distribution is the second highest in Birmingham, and this industry also made the list of the most dangerous occupations in the UK, making up almost a fifth of all fatalities at work.

Not all workplace accidents end in death. According to HSE, 621,000 injuries occurred last year, a rate of approximately 1 in every 50 workers. Accidents ranged from slips and falls to injuries from machinery and much more, with the biggest cause of injury cited as injury caused while lifting or carrying (40 per cent).

What to do if you’re injured at work

Avoiding an injury at work is not only your responsibility, it’s your employer’s too. If you work in Birmingham, you should expect to be given appropriate training, tools and protection to enable you to do your job safely. If you have been put at risk, and have suffered an injury at work, you should take some key steps to ensure you are looking after yourself.

  • Report the injury: Make sure your employer records it in the accident book, or get someone else to do it if you are too ill to do it yourself.
  • See a doctor: Even if your injury doesn’t seem serious straight away, you should seek medical attention to ensure you are properly treated.
  • Are conditions at your workplace unsafe? If you think they are, you should report it to HSE or to your trade union. You have the right to protect yourself, and if this means leaving work until the risks are managed, this is what you should do.
  • Seek compensation: If you believe your injury was as a result of negligence by your employer, talk to us about claiming compensation.

A compensation claim will not only provide you with valuable funds to help you get through any time you need to take off work, or to live with any life-changing injuries you might have suffered; it will also ensure that your employer has to make changes to working practices, which could prevent someone else becoming hurt in the future.

Our specialist solicitors for work accident Birmingham employees have a wealth of experience in tackling these, often complicated, cases. By working with us, you have the very best chance of making a successful claim, and ensuring that the same thing doesn’t happen again. Call our friendly advisers today and see how a work accident claim could work for you.

Find a no win no fee personal injury solicitor in Birmingham

Our business relies on non-discriminatory practices. We don’t discriminate against who can use our services, no matter their location, income, race, gender or situation. This is why finding a no win no fee personal injury solicitor in Birmingham can be easier when you come to us.

Every one of our solicitors has a proven track record in the personal injury industry. Because these types of claims are notoriously tricky and difficult to prove, having this expertise on board is crucial if you want to ensure your claim’s greatest chance of success.

Not only that, we also want to make our services available to as many accident victims as possible, regardless of whether they have access to substantial funding or not. Hiring a personal injury solicitor can be an expensive business, which could make it hard for people on low incomes to get justice for their injuries. This is why we operate a complete no win no fee services agreement with every client, so professional legal representation is affordable for everyone.

no win no fee means you won’t be stuck with a large legal bill if your case is unsuccessful. You don’t need thousands in the bank to start your claim, so there’s no reason to hesitate. The sooner you start your claim, the fresher and easier to gather the evidence will be, therefore the greater chance of a successful outcome you will have.

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