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Personal injury solicitor in Mansfield

Situated to the north of Nottingham in the county of Nottinghamshire, Mansfield is a well-known town and residential area. Home to over 100,000 people, the area dates back to Roman times and has a rich history. Recorded in the Domesday Book, Mansfield has many ancient buildings in the area. Remains of King John’s Palace date from the 12th century and draw numerous visitors to the town.

The area is known for its coal-mining and textiles industries, and would consider itself firmly ‘industrial’. Whilst the coal industry has declined in recent years, Mansfield is still home to the Coal Authority has great pride in its mining heritage.

Whilst the town’s 700 year market tradition is still thriving, it has been joined by more modern retail outlets. With the indoor shopping centre, Four Seasons, West Gate stores and the Rosemary Centre providing shopping facilities, there are plenty of places for local residents to shop.

Like many towns in the area, Mansfield has suffered into the recent economic downturn. Regeneration plans have been proposed, but their future looks uncertain with the current financial difficulties.

Despite this, Mansfield remains a popular place to live and work. Lying just a few miles from the famous Sherwood Forest, there are plenty of reasons for people to visit Mansfield too. Wheelgate Adventure Park, White Post Farm Centre and Water Meadows Swimming Centre are all popular local attractions and people tend to travel from across the county to visit them.

As a vibrant market town, Mansfield sees its fair share of accidents. Excellent local healthcare facilities mean accident victims are normally able to access swift treatment for physical injuries when they need it, but even these services won’t help the feeling of frustration that comes with getting hurt through no fault of your own. Anger and resentment are natural, if unhelpful, emotions for these circumstances.

If you’ve been hurt through no fault of your own then we may be able to help you to take positive action. At Accident Advice Helpline we pride ourselves on assisting victims of non-fault accidents. If you’d like to obtain compensation for the harm you’ve suffered, why not contact us today and find out more about making a claim?

Road traffic accidents in Mansfield

Cutting right through the town, the A60 connects Mansfield to Worksop and Nottingham. Although a popular route, the road has been the site of numerous accidents in recent years and many residents have called for action to be taken.

Similarly, the A38 from Mansfield to Sutton-in-Ashfield has been the subject of much debate recently. Although the road has a 50mph speed limit, many local people have called for the limit to be reduced to 30mph, due to the number of accidents occurring.

Whilst these two roads have been noted for their rate of incidents, they aren’t the only locations where accidents occur. With fast roads connecting Mansfield to nearby areas and city centre traffic systems leading to high volumes of traffic, unsurprisingly accidents can, and do, occur anywhere. Many drivers, passengers and cyclists suffer significant injuries on the road and it is not uncommon for people to take legal action after an incident.

If you’ve been involved in an incident on the road, you could be eligible to take action too. If another driver has inadvertently caused a collision and you’ve suffered harm, you should feel able to make a claim for compensation. All manner of injuries can be the subject of a personal injury claim, with the proviso that you sought medical treatment. Your medical notes will form the corner-stone of your claim.

If you’re thinking of contacting a personal injury solicitor in Mansfield after a road traffic accident, why not contact us at Accident Advice Helpline? We’re able to assist claimants from all over the country and our in-house solicitors will be happy to help with every aspect of your claim for personal injury compensation.

Whiplash accident in Mansfield

Although numerous people suffer whiplash injuries, it’s believed that approximately 40% of victims don’t make a compensation claim afterwards. Often, this is because people don’t realise that they could take legal action or because they assume that the injury isn’t serious enough. This is not the case at all.

Whilst most people recover from whiplash within a few weeks, a significant number of sufferers will experience pain and discomfort for over a year. Even if you’re lucky enough to recover fairly quickly, your life may have been significantly impacted during this time.

If you’ve been unable to work due to a whiplash accident in Mansfield, for example, you may have lost some or all of your income. If the incident wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t have to suffer financially as a result of someone else’s carelessness.

Whether you’ve been caught up in an accident on the M1 near Mansfield, a collision on the A60 whilst driving through the town or been shunted on Quaker Way whilst making your way to Mansfield Station, you could be able to make a compensation claim.

Why risk missing out? If you’ve delayed your claim or been hesitant about contacting a personal injury solicitor in Mansfield, contact Accident Advice Helpline today. We’ll talk you through the process of making a claim and ensure you’ve got all the information you need to make an informed decision about taking legal action.

Slips, trips and falls in Mansfield

When walking around the town, it’s not unusual for people to slip or lose their footing from time-to-time. Heavy rains and icy conditions affect Mansfield as much as they do in most other places in the UK! Circumstances like these are generally down to bad luck but occasionally the responsibility lies elsewhere. Maybe a loose paving slab or a pothole caused you to lose your footing. Even a relatively minor fall can cause you to sustain very serious injuries and even leave you a life-altering situation.

If you’ve been affected by this type of accident, it’s important to investigate exactly how it occurred. You may not have thought of approaching a personal injury solicitor in Mansfield but you could certainly be eligible to obtain compensation if someone else was responsible for your injuries.

If someone knocked you over unintentionally, for example, they could be held liable and you could make a claim against them. If you fell whilst working at height, your employer may be responsible and you could obtain compensation from them. Even if you were injured in a public place, it may be possible for you to make a claim against the council or company responsible for maintaining the area.

If you’ve suffered a slip, trip or fall in Mansfield and you want to find out if you’re eligible to take legal action, contact us at Accident Advice Helpline today.

Work accident in Mansfield

Although the mining industry was the largest employer in Mansfield at one time, employment opportunities are now spread across various sectors. Service industries, professional occupations, skilled labour and administrative work all have their own health and safety concerns.

Employees working in the care industry may face lifting injuries, for example. As employees are regularly required to assist immobile patients, they can suffer workplace injuries if the right training or equipment isn’t provided. Figures show that over 16% of Mansfield’s residents work in a role which requires physical effort and/or the use of tools. If employers fail to check the efficacy of these tools then accidents are very likely to happen.

Whilst some industries are more dangerous than others, a work accident in Mansfield can occur in any type of environment. Due to relatively high unemployment in the area, workers may be reluctant to act against their employers. Younger workers, in particular, may worry about losing their jobs if they make a claim for compensation.

When you make a compensation claim following a workplace injury, it is important to remember that you are afforded some protection by the law. Your employer won’t be able to punish you for making a genuine claim.

If you’ve been hurt at work and you’re thinking of taking legal action, let our dedicated personal injury team help you today. Contact Accident Advice Helpline and we’ll do everything we can to get your claim started as quickly as possible.

Taking legal action after an accident

Making a personal injury compensation claim can seem worrying if you’ve never taken legal action before but with Accident Advice Helpline it is a very simple process. We’ll handle most of your claim for you, so you can focus on recovering from your injuries. Most claims are handled simply over the phone and the overwhelming majority of claims never go to court, so don’t let the thought of a court appearance deter you!

Don’t miss out on your chance to obtain compensation after an accident that wasn’t your fault. Call Accident Advice Helpline on 0800 689 5659 and get help with your injury claim today.