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Personal injury solicitor in Leeds

Nobody ever thinks they’re going to need a personal injury solicitor in Leeds, or anywhere else in the UK for that matter. That’s the thing about accidents; they’re unexpected. But when you’ve been hurt and someone else caused your accident, it is only right that you seek to be compensated for the pain, suffering and inconvenience you’ve been caused.

Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we offer an easy way for you to find the best injury solicitor for your needs. From whiplash injuries to accidents at work, our solicitors have seen and worked on it all. Every single one of the legal professionals on our team have an outstanding track record for successfully seeking compensation for their clients, and are ready and waiting to help you, too.

We don’t ask that you have a lot of money to hire these expert solicitors, nor that your case is so simple that it’s practically open and shut. We work on a no win no fee basis, so you don’t need a huge bankroll to access this expert advice, and believe us when we say that our legal experts have worked on some of the trickiest and most complex personal injury cases you can image. And they’ve won.

Can you claim?

If you’re wondering whether you should hire a personal injury solicitor in Leeds, don’t trouble yourself with being certain you have a case before you get in touch. It’s our job to decide whether it’s worth pursuing legal action, although if you want to get an idea, you can always use our 30-second test™ for an indication of whether you can claim.

As a general rule, we will look at three things to see if you have a worthwhile claim:

  1. Did you get hurt, and were your injuries attended to by a medical professional?
  2. Was your accident in the last three years?
  3. Was someone else to blame for you becoming hurt?

There are exceptions to these rules. For instance, in the case of mesothelioma, caused by asbestos exposure, the symptoms can take decades to show up, and yet we can still pursue a claim. If you can’t answer ‘yes’ to all these questions, don’t assume you have no case. Give our friendly advisers a call and they’ll see if there’s a way we can still put a claim together.

Road Traffic Accidents in Leeds

Anyone who’s ever had to drive into Leeds for work or pleasure will have experienced the problem with traffic. The sheer number of cars on the road at peak times has led Leeds to be named 7th worst city in the UK for congestion. The worst hotspot is the M62 junction 26 intersection with the M606, where typical daily traffic jams can last up to 30 minutes or more.

With excessive traffic comes a higher risk of accidents. Some of the worst city centre roads for accidents include Kirkstall Land, where four roads meet at an intersection, Roundhay Road at Harehills Lane and the A6110 Ring Road which frequently becomes snarled up with traffic, causing shunts and frustration among the local drivers.

It’s not just city centre traffic that causes a problem either. The M1 near Leeds has topped a list of the worst stretches of road for tailgating in the UK, a dangerous practice of driving much too close to the car in front which, particularly at motorway speeds, is a recipe for disaster. Rural roads can be risky too, with the A61 between Leeds and Wakefield being named as the most dangerous in Yorkshire, following an average number of 26 accidents a year since 2010.

A surge in cycling across the city has led to a dramatic rise in cycle related accidents too, with 1,667 accidents occurring in the last five years. The Yorkshire Evening Post reported that the most dangerous road for cyclists was the A660, a 10-mile-long road from the city centre through Headingly and up to Otley, which averaged 182 cyclist related accidents each year.

How to cope following an accident on the road

If you’ve been injured in a road traffic accident in Leeds, the first thing to do is to get medical attention for your injuries. You should note the insurance and contact details of the other party, if possible, or if you are too unwell, ensure someone else does this for you. If it’s possible to get it, photographic evidence can be very helpful too.

Once you’ve had the treatment you need for your injuries, you should turn your mind to the person at fault. Is it fair that they get to carry on regardless, while you’re left having to take time off work, attend hospital appointments and generally be inconvenienced by the situation? Is it right that you could lose wages, have to pay out for prescriptions and incur other expenses as a result of your injuries?

We don’t think so, and you shouldn’t either. We’re here to help bring justice to a bad situation; to help you claim back what is rightfully yours; to ensure you are recompensed for your inconvenience, suffering and financial losses. Call Accident Advice Helpline as soon as you feel able, and we’ll take care of all the hard work so that you can focus on your recovery.

Whiplash accident in Leeds

With all the traffic in Leeds city centre, not to mention the frequent jams on the ring roads and motorways, you might well think that the likelihood of being injured in an accident is lower than it would be when traffic is moving faster. In some ways that is true, as low speed shunts are much less likely to cause serious injuries and trauma.

However, there is one injury that is classically suffered at low speeds, sometimes as low as five miles per hour, and that’s whiplash. Whiplash describes injury to the neck, shoulders and soft tissue in the upper part of the body. It’s a sprain or strain that is caused by the head being suddenly forced in one direction or another, and causes all manner of pains and aches that can last for many years after the incident.

Whiplash is the most frequent personal injury we deal with at Accident Advice Helpline, with over 78 per cent of all claims last year being for this type of injury. Congested roads actually make whiplash injuries more likely, and as the UK has a high number of cars per KM of road (77 compared to the EU average of 34), there is a very real risk of low speed shunts occurring frequently across the country.

Seat belts save lives; there is no disputing that. But they also cause whiplash, due to the fact that your torso is held in place, meaning the momentum energy from the crash is transferred to your neck instead. The design of our vehicles also increases the likelihood of whiplash; as rigidity has improved to protect the occupants, so the forces felt by the body from a crash are greater.

Should you make a claim for whiplash?

According to the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), one in three people who get whiplash from a car accident go on to pursue a claim. Some people choose not to because of a perceived stigma around making a claim, whereas others think they have no rights because they walked away from the accident feeling fine.

The funny thing about whiplash is that it can take several hours before any symptoms are felt. It is perfectly normal to leave the scene of an accident feeling right as rain, only to start to feel aches and pains several hours later. As for having a stigma attached; our advisers are completely discreet, so there’s no need for anyone to know about your claim, unless you choose to tell them.

62 per cent of people find their whiplash symptoms clear up within two weeks to two months’ time. However, one in five will experience severe pain and discomfort beyond a year, with many reporting they’ve never really felt right again. Imagine if you were one of those who has to live with pain for the rest of your life; don’t you think they should have claimed?

No crash whiplash

It’s the motion of the head which causes the pain and suffering with whiplash, so by that nature, it’s not limited only to accidents on the road. We also hear from people suffering with whiplash following other types of accidents, such as:

  • Being hit on the head by a heavy object
  • Falling from a ladder or scaffolding
  • Riding a rollercoaster without proper head restraint
  • Tripping over a loose object and falling awkwardly

It’s important to recognise when you’re suffering with whiplash, so do check out the symptoms checker on the NHS website for guidance. Whether your whiplash was caused by an accident on the road or by another situation which wasn’t your fault, we’ll find the best personal injury solicitor in Leeds to deal with your case.

Slips, trips and falls in Leeds

Did you know that slips, trips and falls are the single biggest cause of injury in the UK today? Whether we’re at work, in the shopping centre, using public transport or just out for a walk, it seems us Brits have plenty of trouble staying on our feet. Sometimes this is just due to our own clumsiness, or lack of concentration, but just occasionally it’s because someone else hasn’t done what they were supposed to do.

We are just as at risk of slips, trips and falls in Leeds as we are anywhere else, and of them being caused by another party. We’ve been dealing with accident claims for slips and falls in Leeds for many years, and have helped in cases where:

  • Floors were wet but no sign was present to warn the pedestrian
  • Pavements or paths were badly maintained, leading to a trip
  • Cables were left lying unguarded across a thoroughfare
  • Food was spilt and not cleaned up in a work canteen
  • Guard rails were not installed where they should have been, causing a fall from height

There are so many situations where a fall could have been prevented with a bit of due care and attention, so it’s frustrating when we see so many people suffering where they need not have been injured at all.

Awkward falls can cause all sorts of injuries, ranging from whiplash, sprained muscles and pulled tendons to broken bones, head injuries and more. Our specialist personal injury solicitors are able to seek compensation for these types of injuries, and to ensure the responsible party is brought to justice, hopefully preventing this type of unnecessary injury from happening to anyone else in the future.

Work accident in Leeds

The economy of Leeds is one of the most diverse in the UK, and is the third largest employment centre nationally. It is the largest financial and insurances centre in the country, with more than 30 national and international banks located in the city. It’s also the third largest manufacturing centre, with 8.8 per cent of the population employed in this industry.

Every year, around 600,000 people around the UK will report being injured at work, many of which are due to accidents which could have and should have been avoided. In addition to this, over 1.3 million employees each year will report being ill, either as a direct consequence of their job or which has been made worse through their work. Many of these people are suffering unnecessarily, and many of them either live or work in Leeds.

62,000 people in Leeds work in construction, which has the second highest rate of sickness and injury of all the industries in the UK. A further 72,000 work in transport and logistics, another industry with a poor track record for accidents. Even the 380,000 who work in retail, social care and services may be surprised to know that their industry is the third worst for accidents and injuries reported to HSE.

If you’re suffering from an illness which you think was either caused or made worse by your job, or you’ve been injured in an accident while working, we can help. You have a right to expect to work in a safe, healthy environment, so if this is not being provided for you, it’s your prerogative to make a claim against your employer for putting you at risk.

Employees need not fear making an accident at work claim in Leeds. Many claimants receive generous settlements for their injuries, and still go back to work in their old job. Your claim is confidential and our discretion is assured. Call us today to find out more.

We can offer you a no win no fee personal injury solicitor in Leeds

Not so long ago, taking legal action against another person or entity was a privilege reserved for the rich. Victims of accidents and injuries would have to suffer in silence, unless they had a big enough bankroll to buy a solicitor’s services.

Thankfully all that has changed, following the introduction of what is known as the ‘CFA’, or Conditional Fee Agreement. You may know this better as a no win no fee agreement, which means you won’t need to pay our solicitor’s fees if you case is not successful.

This means that all victims now have access to the expertise and professionalism of some of the best injury lawyers in the country, without needing to worry about how they are going to pay for them. From work accident lawyers in London to a personal injury solicitor in Leeds, everyone can get the representation they need in order to make a claim; nobody is excluded.

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We can be reached every day on 0800 689 5659. Our advisers are super-friendly, and are experts in claiming compensation too. They will treat your case with the utmost discretion, so there’s no need to worry about getting in touch. Don’t miss out on what is rightfully yours; call Accident Advice Helpline today and we’ll get things started.