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Personal injury solicitor in Port Talbot

The town of Port Talbot is a coastal conurbation in the south of Wales. Home to almost 40,000 people, the town is actually an amalgamation of several small villages, including Aberfan, Baglan and Margam. It is located along the eastern side of Swansea Bay, and has its own beaches at Aberfan Sands and Morfa Beach.

Punctuating the skyline and visible from across the town are the behemoth Port Talbot Steelwork, in development since 1901. Capable of producing more than five million tonnes of steel slab per year, these are the largest steelworks in the UK and one of the biggest in all of Europe. Port Talbot is also home to an economically important port, boasting the deepest berthing facilities in the whole of the Severn estuary and one of only a handful of UK harbours capable of handling the largest dry cargo ships, known as Capesize ships.

With so much heavy industry right on its doorstep, it is hardly surprising that Port Talbot has been given the unpleasant identifier of being the most polluted place in Wales. For many years it has been the most polluted place in the whole of the UK outside of London, but is working to change that image and to clean up its act. It was recently agreed that Port Talbot would be home to the world’s largest biomass power plant, Margam Green Energy Plant, which will produce 40MW of clean, green energy for the local community when it comes online.

As with any major town or city, it’s almost inevitable that the occasional accident happens in Port Talbot. Unfortunately, people can sometimes get hurt, which can be even more frustrating when they were completely innocent of any wrongdoing. From accidents on the road to slips in a public place, there’s no need to suffer in silence if you have been wrongly injured.

Accident Advice Helpline are one of the UK’s largest specialist law firms, providing affordable legal representation to innocent accident victims. We don’t think it’s fair that you have to suffer the pain and financial impact of an accident that was not your fault, and are standing by to help you make a claim for compensation and to bring the guilty party to justice. Call today to find out more.

Road traffic accident in Port Talbot

Port Talbot can get very busy during rush hour, with the main A4241 running through the town frequently getting congested and slowing to a crawl. Such delays, particularly when people are trying to get to work, can lead to frustration and irritation, causing poor judgement and bad driving as a result.

The roundabout with the A48 in the centre of Port Talbot is a hotbed for accidents, with more than 22 incidents reported to police in the last year alone. Harbour Way heading down to the steelworks can become hectic during a shift change, and the A48 River Neath crossing is often slow moving during busy times.

If you’ve had a road traffic accident in Port Talbot that was not your fault, Accident Advice Helpline are here for you. Our expert solicitors have already helped thousands of people just like you to claim compensation after being hurt, and they can help you too. They will work hard to validate your innocence, and to ensure your award adequately reflects the suffering and inconvenience you have endured.

You don’t need to waste your time seeking a personal injury solicitor in Port Talbot, because you’ve already found the best. We’re here to help you from start to finish, and to secure the maximum compensation for the injuries you’ve suffered. Don’t hesitate to call us today, and let us start work on your claim right away.

Whiplash accident in Port Talbot

Not every accident will result in a life-threatening injury; in fact, as vehicle safety has improved, more and more accident victims are walking away from devastating crashes, with little more than a few cuts and bruises. However, by far the most common injury we encounter following an accident on the road is whiplash.

Whiplash is a term which describes a strain or sprain to the neck and shoulders. It is caused when the head is snapped, or whipped, back and forth due to a sudden impact. Although most commonly a result of a car crash, it can also be caused by playing contact sports, by falling awkwardly or by something falling on the head.

However you got your whiplash injury, it’s important to get a proper diagnosis. Whiplash itself is not a serious condition, but it can sometimes mask something more sinister that does need treating. Added to this, if you decide to make a compensation claim following your accident, you’re going to need to have seen a doctor, so get yourself checked before you do anything else.

Once you have your whiplash diagnosis in hand, and some instructions on how to cope with the discomfort and pain, we’ll be here to help you when you’re ready to start thinking about your next steps. If someone else caused your whiplash accident in Port Talbot, you have a case to seek compensation from them for the inconvenience you’ve been caused, and we are ready to help you win.

Our solicitors are highly experienced in dealing with even the most complicated of whiplash cases, and have an enviable track record of securing maximum compensation pay outs. Don’t trust your case to any old personal injury solicitor in Port Talbot; get the best in the business on your side with Accident Advice Helpline. Call today to find out more.

Work accident in Port Talbot

The larger borough of Neath Port Talbot offers in the region of 48,000 positions of employment, two thirds of which are full time positions. One in five of these positions are in the manufacturing industry, and more than one in ten are in retail.

One of the major employers in the area is, of course, the steelworks, where more than 4,000 people are currently at work. As well as this, Port Talbot has an ageing population, which has led to more than a third of workers here (37 per cent) being employed in health and social care.

Taking reported accident statistics into account suggests that working in agriculture, construction and manufacture are far more dangerous than any other profession. All have high numbers of reported accidents and more fatalities or serious injuries than is seen in other industries.

However, that does not mean you can’t be seriously injured in an office, restaurant or shop. In fact, the Health and Safety Executive suggests that there are just as many injuries in these sectors as any other, but that they are woefully under reported in comparison to other sectors.

It doesn’t matter where you work or what you do for a living, health and safety concerns us all. Your employer is required by law to ensure you can do your job safely and without unnecessary risk, and is responsible for putting in place all reasonable measures to ensure this happens. If they have failed to do this and you were hurt as a result, you are within your rights to seek a claim for compensation.

Claiming compensation after a work accident in Port Talbot can be a daunting prospect. Employers have more money and often more legal muscle than you, which is probably why two in three victims decide not to pursue a claim. However, with our help on your side, you have nothing to worry about, because we’ll do all the hard work so that you can focus on your recovery.

Our solicitors have fought bigger and nastier businesses than yours, and are ready to put on their sharpest suit and stand up for your rights, no matter who you work for. Don’t be intimidated out of making your rightful claim; talk to Accident Advice Helpline and we’ll handle everything on your behalf.

Slips, trips and falls in Port Talbot

As a member of the public, you have a right to expect to go about your business without being put in unnecessary danger. This means being able to shop, to walk and to enjoy your time, without worrying about your health. It’s a simple concept, and relatively simple for those in positions of responsibility to deal with. However, for some reason, many do not bother, and people end up getting hurt.

Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we’ve seen first-hand just how devastating a slip, trip or fall can be. From broken bones to serious head injuries, losing your footing in an unexpected and dangerous place can have far worse consequences than you imagine. When those injuries could have been prevented if someone else was taking care, we don’t think it’s fair that you should suffer in silence.

People who provide access to members of the public, whether in the form of a footpath, stairwell, shop floor or otherwise, have a responsibility to keep it safe. That means providing adequate lighting, ensuring it is well maintained, choosing the right type of floor covering and keeping it clean and free from obstructions. None of these things cost very much or are very difficult to do, but unfortunately, they are still not always done.

If you’ve been injured in any sort of slips, trips and falls in Port Talbot, and you think someone else caused your accident, we are here to help. Don’t rely on finding a personal injury solicitor in Port Talbot; even if you do find someone willing to take on your case, it’s unlikely they’ll have the amount of expertise and specialist knowledge we have to bring it to a successful conclusion.

Our sympathetic telephone advisors are waiting to take your call, and to offer you honest, straightforward advice on your situation so that you can decide whether to pursue a claim or not. If you decide you’d like to go ahead, our specialist solicitors are standing by, ready to start building an open and shut case. Call today for advice on your situation, and to start the claims process right away.

Compensation for you, justice for all

We firmly believe that bringing the guilty party to justice in a personal injury case is even more important than the financial payment we win on your behalf. As much as you will, no doubt, be grateful for the cash injection, we also believe it is important that people take responsibility for the damage they have done.

You were injured, which was very bad luck. But if that person is allowed to get away with it, who’s to say what might happen next time? Taking legal action against irresponsible parties will help to make them sit up and take notice. Companies will improve health and safety provision, drivers will slow down and building owners will be more vigilant.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late. Call us today on 0800 689 5659 and let’s work together to make the world a fairer place.