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Personal injury solicitor in Padstow

Padstow is a town in Cornwall, on the northern coastline of the county. It was found to have a population of around 2,993 people in the recent census taken in 2011, although this population swells with visitors and holidaymakers in the summer months. Few people, whether they live in the area or are just visiting, would have any reason to consider finding a personal injury solicitor in Padstow, though.

That’s the good news, but of course, you might have been hurt and have good reason to enquire about the services of someone in this profession. You might have had injuries that were painful and are taking time to heal, and therefore are causing you inconvenience, too. It’s worth knowing more if you are in this scenario.

How serious could a trip be?

Tripping over something is easy to do, especially if we don’t pay proper attention to where we are walking. However, most times we simply lose our balance briefly, and then recover without falling and hurting ourselves – even if we feel a bit silly and self-conscious by doing this. But sometimes, we’re not as lucky as that. Sometimes, we end up falling because the trip happens so quickly, we lose our balance completely and fall. Since we get so little warning when something like this happens, it ends up being very difficult to get away without being injured.

It would be very likely to break our fall by using our hands, but that means our hands can take on the brunt of the impact. Cuts, bruises, and even broken fingers or a broken wrist could occur in this situation, depending on what happens. And these can be the better injuries to get. Imagine what would happen if you couldn’t put out your hands in time to break your fall. You could hit your face on something, maybe even break your nose, or possibly hurt your knees instead.

How helpful would a personal injury solicitor in Padstow be if you have had a similar injury?

This situation might ring bells with you if you’ve had a trip and fall recently and you’re recovering from injuries caused in that incident. While a personal injury solicitor in Padstow could advise you on whether a claim could be possible if you had your accident there, it would be a lot easier for you to call 0800 689 5659 instead to ring the team at Accident Advice Helpline. We take calls from all over the country, and that could be way easier for you to manage than to head out to find a lawyer.

You never know, you could end up getting one of our lawyers to handle your claim on your behalf. If we recommend you could make a no win no fee claim, it could potentially lead to securing a compensation award for the injuries you have. Isn’t it worth finding out whether negligence was the reason why you tripped and fell to begin with? We’ve got the answers you need.