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Are you suffering from a repetitive strain injury?

When repetitive strain injury occurs, it can be extremely painful and uncomfortable for the sufferer. Unfortunately, as the injury often occurs because of their working environment, many people find it hard to prevent the condition from occurring.

However, as your employer is required to make responsible adjustments in the workplace for injuries and disabilities, they may be able to help make your working environment more comfortable. For example, many office workers struggle with repetitive strain injury because the spend hours using computers. Simply changing the height of the desk or their computer screen can help to alleviate repetitive strain injury and could even prevent it from occurring in the workplace.

However, if you’ve developed repetitive strain injury because you’re working in inappropriate conditions or an unsafe environment, your employer may be liable and an injury solicitor in Melbourne could help you to make a compensation claim against them.

Can I claim against my employer with an injury solicitor in Melbourne?

Although many people worry about making a claim against an employer, an injury solicitor in Melbourne could help you to do so if they have caused you to suffer an injury. Whilst making a claim against your boss or the company which employs you can seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be.

Most businesses are required to have insurance in place to cover these types of claims and they won’t take action against you for making a genuine claim.

Before you commit to making a claim with an injury solicitor in Melbourne, you may want to find out how much compensation you could be awarded if you were to make a successful claim. Normally, the amount of compensation you will receive will depend on the type of injuries you sustained but other facts can be taken into account as well.

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