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Personal injury solicitor in Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis, which is a coastal town located in West Dorset in South West England, lies within the Lyme Bay on the border between Dorset and Devon where River Lym drains into the sea. The town is referred to as ‘’The Pearl of Dorset’’ because of its beauty.

The Heritage Coast is composed of the fossils found on the cliffs and the beaches making it a World Heritage Site. ‘’The Cobb’’ is an important historical harbour wall, which was known to protect the town from storms.

You may visit Lyme Regis to watch the Thicklip grey mullet species on the maritime aquarium. You might also unfortunately end up being a victim of facial trauma, making it necessary to look for a personal injury solicitor in Lyme Regis if you are lucky to find one.

How to make an injury claim through Accident Advice Helpline

The most straightforward way to make a personal injury compensation claim is to contact Accident Advice Helpline, a well-established personal injury law firm. The company has provided no-fault victims with free advice and access to justice since year 2000.

They will get you a personal injury solicitor in Lyme Regis who is a specialist in personal injury claims, or one near where you live since they operate throughout the UK.

Get on their website and call their free phone number 0800 689 5659 phone. You can also take the 30-second test™ on the website to know how much compensation you are likely to get.

Claiming compensation through a personal injury solicitor in Lyme Regis

Slips, trips and falls, road traffic accidents and violence contribute towards facial trauma. Motor-cycle helmets, seat-belts, sports helmets with face guards, mouth guards in sports and enforcement of traffic rules are protective measures to help minimize facial trauma. X-rays, radiography and CT scans are taken to reveal fractures and multiple injuries.

  • Burns-these may cause swelling of tissues which may lead to blockage of the airway which in itself is life-threatening.
  • Bruises, Lacerations and Alterations-bandaging or dressing may be necessary to cover the wounds which may be stitched to control bleeding and enable them heal faster. Antibiotics are used to treat infections.
  • Eye injuries-haemorrhage in the eye-lids and bruising may affect the eyes,
  • Fractures-include nasal, cheek bones, forehead and jawbone fractures which cause pain, swelling and deformity. Muscles and nerves may be affected and in some instances the patient might develop sinusitis. Painkillers are used to manage pain while surgery is used to align the bones while in some cases bone grafting is inevitable.
  • Deformity and Disfigurement-this is caused by fractures and nerve damage. This may lead to psychological trauma like depression because the patient may be unable to have social interactions like previously. Such emotional distress will be considered by an injury solicitor in Lyme Regis when claiming compensation.
  • Traumatic brain injury-this may accompany severe facial injuries above the collar bone. Care should be taken while assisting the patient to avoid further injury to the spine.