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Personal injury solicitor in Luton

Situated 30 miles north of London, Luton, in the county of Bedfordshire, is home to one of Britain’s major airports. The university of Bedfordshire is also located here, in this large town nestled in a break in the Chiltern Hills. Historically, Luton was famous for hat making and for the large car factory, which still has its headquarters in the town.

With a population of over 203,000, Luton is a pretty busy place. With so many people around, the occasional accident is practically inevitable. If you’ve had an accident that wasn’t your fault, then you might be looking for a personal injury solicitor in Luton to help you get some compensation.

What can a personal injury solicitor do for you? Well, it largely depends on the skill and experience of the solicitor you choose. A solicitor who deals with a variety of legal matters may not be up to speed on personal injury compensation, and that could mean your claim won’t stand such a good chance of success.

Not all solicitors offer their clients a no win no fee promise either. You might have to put some money upfront before your case is even prepared. And what if you lose your case? Well, you could receive a large bill for the work your solicitor has already undertaken, and that could leave you seriously out of pocket.

It all sounds like a bit of a risk. Unless, of course, you decide to put your claim in the hands of Accident Advice Helpline. We are the UK’s specialists in personal injury compensation claims, and have an amazing track record of success in winning maximum compensation for our clients over the past 16 years. We have the renowned consumer champion, Dame no win no fee promise so you can stop wondering how you’re going to afford a personal injury solicitor in Luton. Give us a call today and we can give you all the help you need with no upfront charges.

Road traffic accident in Luton

The roads are busy in Luton, no doubt about it. People rushing to catch planes and generally going about their business in this large town. Although it’s not in itself a holiday destination, the A6, which runs from Luton to Carlisle, is one of the main north-south routes in Britain. Luton also holds a carnival each year on the May bank holiday, which is a one-day event and the largest of its kind in Europe. It attracts a lot of visitors and you might be caught up in some serious traffic holdups because of this celebration.

If you find yourself injured in a road traffic accident in Luton and the accident was caused by someone else, don’t despair, Accident Advice Helpline are here to help you. If you had a rear end shunt on carnival day or a more serious accident on the busy A6, get in touch with us for advice.

Because we are a large and well-respected law firm with the essential experience you need, you can be certain that you will get the best result from your claim. We will give you sound and honest advice when it comes to a decision about the settlement offered to you. So, pick up the phone and call us now. If your non-fault accident happened in the last three years it’s not too late to get a claim started.

Whiplash accident in Luton

This painful and debilitating injury is very common, particularly following an accident on the road. If you were on a bus and the driver braked suddenly, you could be feeling this pain in the neck. It wasn’t your fault so why should you suffer in silence?

A whiplash accident in Luton really is no joke for the person affected. If you suspect you’ve suffered whiplash, then get to your doctor and get a confirmed diagnosis. You may not feel the symptoms at the time of the accident, but as time passes you could start to feel the effects. You could experience a stiff neck, the inability to turn your head from side to side, nausea, headache and pain down into your back and shoulders.

For most people, whiplash is a short-lived problem with a good recovery chance. However, for the unlucky few, they are still suffering from their injury a whole year after the accident. Don’t take chances with your health. See your doctor, then call Accident Advice Helpline to claim compensation for your injury. Let us take the strain while you recover.

Work accident in Luton

Many workers living in Luton travel into London each day for work. However, there are almost 100,000 job roles right here in the town, in industries as diverse as manufacturing, retail, administration and health. A major employer in Luton is the busy local airport, where baggage handlers, retail managers and support staff all work together to ensure a seamless service.

No matter what industry you work in, good health and safety standards are essential to keep you safe while doing your job. For example, if you haven’t been trained in safe lifting techniques or have been asked to lift a heavy load on your own, then you could find yourself at home with a bad back. If someone left something lying around, you could trip and fall, and end up hurt.

Employers are required by law to protect their employers from injury, and health and safety should be a priority in any workplace. If you follow your employer’s codes of practice then you should have nothing to fear from your normal duties. While a work accident in Luton airport might be a rarity, if you feel you’ve been injured and it wasn’t your fault then we can help you to find out if you could claim personal injury compensation.

We have extensive experience of the complicated workplace injury sector, so when it comes to making a claim, there is no better choice than Accident Advice Helpline. Tryst our expert solicitors to do a great job for you; call today to find out more.

Slips, trips and falls in Luton

Slips, trips and falls happen everywhere in the UK, and are the number one cause of accidental injury nationwide. Most of the time it’s nobody’s fault if we slip or fall, but just occasionally, we’ve been put at risk by someone else’s negligence, and shouldn’t take it lying down.

Public buildings, including municipal offices, shops and restaurants, should all be safe places to visit. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Spills that haven’t been cleared up, wires trailing across a footpath, poor lighting and wet floors can all add up to a danger to the people in the area. If you’ve been put at risk and suffered in one of these slips, trips and falls in Luton, call us today to find out how we can help.

Our expert advisors are here to offer you free, understandable advice on your situation, and to help you understand what your next steps should be. If you decide to go ahead with your claim, we’re with you all the way. Your case will be handled by an expert solicitor, and we’ll take all the pressure off you, so that you can focus on your recovery. Call us today, and let us help.

Justice for all

This is a principle that we uphold in everything we do. Our no win no fee promise means that you can go ahead with a claim, without having to put any money on the table. We believe in justice for everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances, so you can instruct us with confidence.

With Accident Advice Helpline on your side, you have the very best chance of getting the personal injury compensation you deserve. Don’t waste time trying to find a personal injury solicitor in Luton; call us today on 0800 689 5659. We look forward to taking your call.