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Has a piece of furniture caused an injury?

Nowadays, there are numerous ways in which you can buy furniture. Although some people prefer to use antique furniture, many people opt for flat pack furniture which can be assembled in the home. In addition to generally being a bit cheaper than antique furniture, the fact that it’s flat packed means that it can be easier to transport.

Although some flat pack furniture can be fairly difficult to put together, most people manage providing that they have the necessary tools available. However, if the item you’ve purchased doesn’t contain the right pieces or has already been damaged in some way, you may find that it causes someone to suffer an injury.

If you purchase a bookcase or shelves and a defect means they won’t hold weight, for example, they could collapse and fall on someone, thus causing them to suffer an injury. Similarly, if you purchase a bed but a defect means that the frame isn’t supported, it may collapse when someone attempts to sit or lie on it, and they could be hurt as a result.

Could a personal injury solicitor in Lower Stondon help?

If you’ve purchased a piece of furniture and you suffer an injury when using it, it could be because there was a fault in the manufacturing process. If so, the manufacturers could be held responsible for any injuries, and you could make a claim against them with help from a personal injury solicitor in Lower Stondon.

If you’re able to, taking a photograph of the item may help to identify any potential faults, and it could help when it comes to making your claim. If you have any evidence such as photographs, it’s important to let your personal injury solicitor in Lower Stondon know, as they may find it valuable when it comes to presenting your claim.

As many people have never made a claim before, they can find the process somewhat daunting. However, if you’re unsure about something or you’re finding the procedure overwhelming, help is at hand. At Accident Advice Helpline we always offer free no-obligation advice, so it’s easy to find out more without incurring any legal fees or bills at all.

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