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Personal injury solicitor in Lower Slaughter

On the banks of River Eye lies a village known as Lower Slaughter, in South West England, within Gloucestershire County in the UK. The village developed on both sides of the river and footbridges are used to move from one side of the village to the other. Cotswold sandstone is used for constructing buildings.

No one knows when an accident can occur and even in rural setups personal injuries still happen. You can fall from a building or from a tree and land on your face. Such accidents can be fatal so if you are lucky to have survived, you will be grateful to those who offer you medical treatment and legal service. Looking for a personal injury solicitor in Lower Slaughter may not be so fruitful.

Accident Advice Helpline

There is always hope for victims who suffer from personal injuries including facial trauma injuries. An injury is not only the bodily injury it also includes injury to your nature and character which includes defamation. You can call Accident Advice Helpline on their 24/7 free phone numbers 0800 689 5659 for advice.

A specialist injury solicitor in Lower Slaughter from Accident Advice Helpline will help you make injury compensation claim. You can take their 30-second test™ on their website and start the claim process right away. The no win no fee agreement ensures that you will not be required to pay any money to start a claim.

Claiming compensation through a personal injury solicitor in Lower Slaughter

Facial trauma is caused by slips, trips and falls from heights, road traffic accidents, pedestrian accidents, motor-bike and motor cycle accidents as well as violence. Hard hats, motor-cycle helmets, seat-belts, sports helmets with face guards, mouth guards in sports and enforcement of strict traffic rules and regulations minimise facial trauma.

  • Bruises, Lacerations and Alterations-bandaging or dressing of the wounds is necessary to prevent infections which are treated with antibiotics. The wounds may be stitched to control bleeding and fasten healing.
  • Stress and Depression-facial deformity, scarring and disfigurement can cause stress and depression. A pedestrian who falls on the road with others watching can be much inconvenienced. Facial injuries adversely affect social interactions with friends and work colleagues. Economic and no-economic damages will be awarded in a lawsuit represented by a personal injury solicitor in Lower Slaughter.
  • Face Deformity and Disfigurement-caused by facial bone fractures and nerve damage. This may lead to psychological trauma like depression and such emotional distress will be considered by a solicitor when claiming compensation.
  • Eye injuries-haemorrhage and bruising may affect the eyes,
  • Fractures-include nasal, cheek bones, forehead and jawbone fractures which cause swelling and deformity. Painkillers are used to manage pain while surgery is used to align the bones while in some cases bone grafting is used to re-shape the face.
  • Traumatic brain injury-this may accompany severe facial injuries above the collar bone. Care should be taken while assisting the patient to avoid further injury to the spine.