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Personal injury solicitor in Hastings & St Leonards

If you’re looking for a personal injury solicitor in Hastings & St Leonards you have a simple choice – either you can choose someone who is local and knows the area or a firm that offers the benefits of scale. However, at Accident Advice Helpline you can have both.

Finding a personal injury solicitor in Hastings & St Leonards

There are many law firms in and around Hastings and St Leonards who can help you with a claim, but the tricky part comes in deciding which one is the best for you. A quick search for a personal injury solicitor in Hastings & St Leonards reveals several matches but it’s not entirely easy to see at first glance which one is the best choice.

One represents a basic law firm that appears to have a personal injury division but it’s not entirely clear whether they have real experience in this area or not. Another firm focuses entirely on serious and complex cases so may not take on smaller, short-term claims such as whiplash which may only last a few months and will attract relatively small scale settlements. The difficulty is finding someone who is a good match for your case.

Why is that important?

Finding a lawyer with the right skills and experience is extremely important as not all claims are handled in the same way. It is a very different challenge to claim for an injury sustained on the roads than for an accident in the workplace so it pays to have someone fighting your corner who knows what they’re doing in this respect.

What we do

The benefit of working with Accident Advice Helpline is that we offer the benefits of a national company. We can make everything easy for you, by looking at your requirements and finding the best solution for your needs. However, we can also find a personal injury solicitor in Hastings & St Leonards who will have the specific set of skills to help you make a successful claim no matter what type of accident you’ve had.

We also have the size and resources to help you should the claim last a long time. If a case lasts for several years, making a successful claim will take money and we can ensure that we stay in the fight – even against well-funded corporations to ensure you get the money you deserve.

Finding a personal injury solicitor in Hastings & St Leonards

So, if you want the best of both worlds and would like a personal injury solicitor in Hastings & St Leonards it’s time to get in touch using the details below. We’ll work quickly and efficiently and ensure that everything runs like clockwork. With a little luck you may not even have to attend court.

So, to find out more about how we work, give us a call on 0800 689 5659, if you’re calling phone. You can also contact us through our website on