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Personal injury compensation table

When you start out on your search for compensation you naturally want to know how much you might receive if you win. Well, at Accident Advice Helpline we can give you a good idea thanks to our use of a personal injury compensation table. Here we’ll look at what they are and how they can be useful in helping you claim the financial assistance to which you should be entitled.

What is a personal injury compensation table?

A personal injury compensation table is also known as an Ogden table and it is a way in which we can calculate compensation required taking into account any losses already occurred and those which might potentially occur into the future.

The table therefore looks at various factors such as your life expectancy, retirement ages, pensions and inflation to look at how much this injury might have cost you in purely financial terms.

For example, let’s imagine you’ve suffered a serious leg injury which leaves you unable to work on a permanent basis. The personal injury compensation table will not only look at how much you have lost already but how much you would have earned moving forward into the future. This takes into account how long you would expect to live, how much you could have earned and what pensions you would have accrued. This is then used to draw up an estimate about the amount of compensation to which you should be entitled.

How can I use one?

If you contact Accident Advice Helpline we can make this calculation for you. We call this the 30-second test™ and to take advantage of it, all you need to do is log onto our website and answer a few basic questions about your case such as when you were hurt, how badly and when it happened.

This tells you firstly whether or not you are entitled to make a claim and secondly how much you might realistically expect to receive. It is, of course, not a guaranteed figure and the final amount will depend on the approach that the law courts take to your claim – they could well come up with a different figure, but that doesn’t mean our figure is worthless.

What it does do is allow you to set a realistic expectation about your case and how much you might receive and it also gives you something to assess any potential settlement figure that comes through. You might also use a personal injury compensation table to decide whether your own lawyer did a decent enough job. For example, if the final figure is a long way below what was estimated then you’re entirely within your rights to ask why.

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