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Personal Injury Awards

What are personal injury awards?

If you have been involved in an accident where the actions or neglect of another person or organisation have resulted in an injury to you, then you may be entitled to receive personal injury awards to compensate you for the impact of the accident on your body, lifestyle and finances.

Personal injury awards are a monetary amount awarded to an individual following an accident, and may range from hundreds to thousands of pounds. The accident types covered by personal injury compensation can be vast, including:

  • Accidents at work, such as industrial deafness or construction accidents
  • Slips, trips or falls including in public places
  • Road traffic accidents

No matter what your accident type, if your accident was someone else’s fault, resulted in the need for medical attention and happened within the past three years, then you will likely be entitled to make a claim.

How are personal injury awards calculated?

If you have been involved in an accident and are entitled to receive compensation, the following will be taken into account when calculating a compensation amount:

  • The body part affected by your injury – for example, a head injury will be entitled to more compensation than a finger or toe.
  • The severity of your injury. The difference between a back injury causing minor discomfort and full paralysis is huge – the claims process and compensation calculation will reflect this.
  • The effect on your life, on an ongoing basis. If you require full-time care on a long-term basis, for example, this will be a big life change and will also need to be financed.
  • Monetary impact – this may include the cost of care, medical expenses including bills for medication and specialist treatment, or loss of earnings due to an inability to work either for a short while or even permanently.
  • The psychological effect of your accident – for example if you now feel too nervous to get into a car after a road traffic accident.

All of the above may be taken into consideration during the claims process, but a quick and easy way to get an idea of how much you may be able to claim is by using an online calculator such as Accident Advice Helpline’s 30 second tool. This will check you are eligible to claim and then return an estimated compensation figure, with a lower and higher range depending on severity. Although your actual entitlement may vary from this, it is a good way to gauge an initial impression of the figures you may be dealing with.

How can a claim be made?

You should contact a legal team as soon as possible following an accident to get representation for your claims case. Compensation providers such as Accident Advice Helpline work with a large network of legal partners – meaning your case will be matched to a legal expert with specific experience in your personal injury type, on a no win no fee basis.