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Passenger Injury Compensation

If you’ve been hurt whilst travelling as a passenger in any vehicle – train, bus, car, bike, boat or aeroplane – you will probably be eligible to make a passenger injury compensation claim, providing the accident was not your fault. Since most passengers have little or no impact on the manner in which a vehicle is controlled, this will be true of the vast majority of cases.

Passenger injury claims

Because accidents on the road are a sad fact of modern life, passenger injuries are too. That’s why we have several pages to help people who’ve been involved in that kind of mishap. There’s a page all about road traffic accidents, and another for those who’ve sustained a whiplash injury, as well as ones for all different kinds of injury claims.

Compensation for injured passengers

After any accident, you must get as much information as you can from anyone else involved – name, contact details, insurance details and vehicle registration. You should also try to get the details of any witnesses who might help you establish that the accident was not your fault, which will help your passenger claim.

If there were any road conditions that contributed to the accident then record those too, and if you have a camera phone, take a picture. Don’t worry if you don’t do this at the time, but do try and go back if possible. If there are any skid marks, get a photo of those, and also capture any damage if you can.

For your passenger injury compensation claim to have the best chance of succeeding, you should collect as much information as possible.

The most important thing you must do following an accident is to go and see a doctor. Your injuries might not seem serious to you, but they can be, even if they don’t hurt. This is especially important if you’ve suffered a blow to the head, but in any case it’s essential you get to a surgery or to casualty immediately.

Claim for passenger injury

If you’re looking to make an accident claim for injury compensation, then we recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline. All the members of our panel of lawyers are experts in their fields, and because they operate on a no win no fee basis, you can be sure they’re 100% independent, acting in your best interests alone.

Helping them to help you succeed in your passenger injury compensation claim are our staff, trained and experienced in managing claims. They’ll do all the hard work for you.

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