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Other injury claims

There are some very common injuries that are the result of accidents. Broken bones, cuts and abrasions all happen frequently, but the most common of all is whiplash. The same basic rules apply to personal injury claims whether it is for one of these more common injuries or something a bit more unusual. You may want to make other injury claims if the injury that you have suffered is a bit less common than the more usual types of injuries. If you can say ‘yes’ to the following three points, then you have a good chance of being able to make a personal injury claim with Accident Advice Helpline:

  • The accident you were injured in must not have been your own fault
  • The injuries you suffered must have needed medical attention
  • In most cases, the accident should have happened within the last three years

There are some exceptions to the time limit rule, and if you are unsure whether your claim is valid, have a chat to the friendly advisors at Accident Advice Helpline.

Examples of other injury claims

If your head receives a heavy knock in an accident you could well suffer from concussion, this being one of the less serious head injuries that can occur. An internal injury can happen without you realising, but these need urgent medical attention or your family could be claiming compensation for a fatal accident. Some of these injuries can mean the victim will need life-long care, which is often the case if they suffer paralysis. Since 2000, Accident Advice Helpline has handled thousands of other injury claims, for injuries that are slightly more unusual than ‘typical’ injuries, and here are a few examples of the types of other injury claims we have processed:

  • Crush injuries after being pinned under a heavy object (dangerous, but thankfully rare)
  • Loss of a limb in an accident
  • Internal injuries after an electric shock

These are just a few of the types of other injury claims which are possible. In reality, you should be able to make a claim for almost any type of injury, provided that you sought medical attention after your accident.

What was the aftermath of your accident?

Injuries such as these not only ruin the life of the victim, but affect the lives of all those close to them as well. If they were the main earner in the family, suddenly money can become a huge problem, or maybe they were a housewife who took care of young children – who will do that now? Accidents tend to bring many expenses with them, such as travelling costs, prescription charges and childcare costs. These do not come cheap. These things can soon amount to a lot of money, and it is very unfair when the accident was the fault of someone else. If you have sustained life-changing injuries then you may be unable to return to work in future, so Accident Advice Helpline’s lawyers will take into account any future loss of earnings when we process other injury claims. You may even need to pay for private medical treatment, care or the cost of adapting your home to make it more accessible – these are all things which can be included as part of your personal injury claim.

Who’s to blame for your accident?

If you are unsure of who is at fault for your accident, making other injury claims may still be possible. Most times, if you are injured in an accident at work, your employer can be held liable, if it appears they have been negligent. A good example of this is if you are injured by faulty machinery or if you trip on damaged flooring and break your ankle. In both these cases, your employer has not met their responsibility to keep you safe, and they could be held responsible for your accident. What happens if you are injured in an unusual accident in a shop? For example, if a shelf collapses on you and leaves you with a spinal injury or a concussion, who is at fault? In this case, it’s the shop manager or owner’s responsibility to ensure that their premises are safe for members of the public to use – and you could make a claim for compensation if they have failed to keep you safe whilst you were shopping.

Claiming for all you are owed

When you make a compensation claim with Accident Advice Helpline, we will do all we can to ensure that you are awarded the maximum amount available for your injuries. We will also claim for any costs and losses associated with the accident, as no one should be worse off financially because of someone else being reckless, careless or negligent in their actions. As well as being eligible to claim compensation for your injuries, you could be entitled to compensation for the cost of private medical treatment and other expenses such as travelling to and from medical appointments, prescription medication and so on. You could even find you are able to claim compensation for loss of earnings – so if your injuries have meant taking days, weeks or even months off work, we can help you to get compensation that could assist you and your family financially after your accident.

The cost of making other injury claims

We also realise that if your budget is stretched, you may be put off claiming compensation because of concerns over the cost of hiring lawyers. We work on a no win no fee basis which means we will not ask you to pay us any money before we start the work on your claim, and if for any reason your claim should be unsuccessful, we will not ask you to pay our legal fees. We take the financial risk of being successful in your claim, and you need not worry about costs at all. If you would like more information about how we can help you, or want to get a claim started, call us today. dial 0800 689 5659. Chatting to us will not put you under any obligation to make a claim, but will let you make the right decision as to the best way forward for you.