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Nuclear Accidents

Nuclear accidents

They may be rare, but they do happen and those people who are unlucky enough to be affected by nuclear accidents are likely to need significant compensation for the losses and trauma inflicted on their lives. Ever since the original commercial nuclear power reactors were constructed, there has been concern about the possible effects of a severe nuclear accident, coupled with the question of who would be liable for third-party results.  This worry was based on the belief that even with reactor designs in the West, a cooling failure causing the core to melt would result in major consequences. It was believed that nuclear accidents damage could be extensive, creating the need for compulsory third party insurance schemes for nuclear operators and international conventions to deal with trans-boundary damage.

Liability for nuclear accidents

When it come to liability, the operators of nuclear power plants have a lot on their hands. If anything does go wrong they are responsible and they are held liable for any damage caused by the plant, irrespective of who is to blame. The potential cross boundary consequences of a nuclear accident require an international nuclear liability regime, so national laws are supplemented by a number of international conventions. Liability is limited by both international conventions and by national legislation.

Even though you are perhaps among many people who have been impacted on by a nuclear accident you should also take charge for organising evidence to help with making a claim for compensation. Remember you have the right to support and if your injuries are significant you might need long-term rehabilitation or not be able to work.

To claim for individual injuries there has to have been a recognisable injury that has been subject to medical action of some sort. If you heal very rapidly (within days) then it will not be conceivable to instruct a solicitor to represent you because legal costs cannot be recovered. However, this does not preclude you from claiming from the negligent party. If a period of pain and suffering extends beyond a few weeks then commonly speaking you can and should pursue your case.

Before making a claim you must accumulate as much evidence as possible. Write down a comprehensive description of what has happened to you, how you were supported at the time, any subsequent treatment you have had. Keep receipts for everything you spend money on as a result of your injuries.   Accident Advice Helpline will be with you every step of the way and offer a supportive guiding hand throughout your compensation claim. Give them a call on 0800 689 5659.