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Nose injury claims

Stop for a moment and imagine how you could develop a nose injury. Are you imagining a blow to the nose that breaks it? Most people would, and indeed, many nose injury claims stem from just this type of injury. But this is far from the only way you could hurt your nose, and we will look at some other injuries that could lead you to make nose injury claims.

The symptoms of a nose injury like this include swelling and tenderness over the nose where you received the blow, and possibly a nosebleed, too. You might have a cut to the nose but this doesn’t always happen. If it does, treating a nose injury will include leaning forwards and pinching the soft bit at the end of the nose until it stops. This might take at least 15 minutes. Bruising will also eventually appear, and this will likely spread under both eyes, too. Discomfort will continue for a good few days afterwards, and possibly a few weeks. You will also be limited in what you can do.

Even though little can be done for a cleanly-broken nose, it is still a good idea to visit the A&E to get confirmation of the break. If you have trouble breathing, or the bleeding doesn’t stop, these elements can be treated. Sometimes, a bad break may require the nose to be reset, and the sooner you visit casualty, the easier this will be to achieve.

How likely is it people can make nose injury claims?

This depends on how each individual injury happened. Sometimes, things happen without anyone being responsible for causing them. For example, maybe you saw a warning sign alerting you to uneven ground, but you chose to carry on running without looking where you were going. If this happened, and you fell, chances are it would be your own fault. You’d accept your bad luck and resolve to be more careful next time.

For a claim to be made with any certainty of success, you must have proof that a third party was negligent in some way. Only this will lead to a chance of claiming for a nose injury. All nose injury claims that are successful in leading to a compensation award for the injured person include proof of negligence, and yours must have this, too. Rest assured we can look at the details of your case and make sure you are in a good position to claim before we go ahead.

Medical advice and treatment

If someone else did inadvertently cause your injury, you should seek medical advice. An x-ray will confirm the break if you have broken it, and assess the nature of that break. Most broken noses can be treated at home, as there is little that can be done unless you cannot breathe properly or your nose is looking different to how it did before. In these cases, treatment may well be needed.

But if the break was a clean one, you might wonder why you would bother going to casualty to begin with, or to a minor injuries unit if you are close to one. The reason is that it should be checked anyway, to ensure it is a clean break and there are no bone splinters that might break off and cause problems. Additionally, your visit will be recorded, your details will be taken, and you’ll be asked how it happened. All this will be kept as a record of what occurred, and this information can then support a claim if you later decide to make one – just as similar evidence has supported other nose injury claims in the past.

What should you do next?

The cost of claiming for a nose injury might have occurred to you, but you don’t need to be worried about this. There is the option to use a no win no fee claim to press ahead, and this is something we could help you with if you do have evidence that negligence occurred, and that this is what led to your injury to start with. We work exclusively on this basis and if you call us, we can tell you more about this type of claim and how it works. It should make life easier for you, and ensure you get the best result you could hope for.

No one wants to have any reason to make nose injury claims, but we have seen how these things might happen. You can always keep yourself alert and you might avoid the odd accident by doing so, but sometimes, you may simply have no chance or opportunity to avoid something happening. If you’ve been in that situation and now you want to know if you could claim, we are here to give you some answers.

We are here to help

Accident Advice Helpline can find out if you could claim, and we’ve resolved nose injury claims in the past, too, so we have the experience you will require from an expert team of advisors and lawyers in the personal injury field. Just call on 0800 689 5659. We realise the long-term effects of a nose injury may be severe, so we can fight for compensation that adequately reflects the injuries you suffered. Get the answers you need for the questions you have now, by calling us today to find out more. You never know, you could receive more than you think.