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Non Fault Whiplash Injury Claim

How to prove that your non fault whiplash injury claim is legitimate

The government have recently tightened restrictions on victims making a whiplash injury claim due to the high number of claims that have been processed over the past few years.

A huge majority of compensation claims relating to road accidents are linked to whiplash injuries, and the government fears that a number of these claims are not legitimate.

Compensation fraud is serious business, and those who make a whiplash injury claim which is not legitimate face having to pay back any money that they have claimed, as well as being fined or even imprisoned for fraud. If you have sustained a serious whiplash injury and want to make a non fault whiplash injury claim then you need to prove that your claim is serious and that you have actually been injured.

See a doctor

Some compensation claims companies will offer to provide you with a doctor who will judge your injury and sign off on it so that you can proceed with your claim.

However, in many cases these claims companies will not be paid unless you win your case, so it is in theirs and the doctor’s interests to sign off on your injury and proceed with your claim.

It is this kind of claim that is being cracked down upon, so before you even think of making a compensation claim, see an independent doctor whose only interest is to confirm that you have a whiplash injury and treat it if you do. Make sure that you obtain a signed medical assessment from this doctor as well.

Only use a legitimate claims company

Look online for reviews and recommendations about the best claims companies to go with. Any company which is just looking to make money from your claim will be more likely to cut corners and put forward a claim which does not follow the letter of the law, which may make your claim invalid and cost you money and time.

Look for the best possible claims company, preferably one which is certified and has been in the business for a long time.

How to make a non fault whiplash injury claim

If you have enough evidence to prove that your claim is legitimate then you should be able to make a claim easily through Accident Advice Helpline.

You can call the helpline on 0800 689 5659, or: to speak to the team about your whiplash injury claim and find out whether or not you have a good case for compensation. if you decide to go ahead (although you are under no obligation to proceed), you will be passed over to an experienced in house injury lawyer who will work on a no win no fee basis to get you the compensation you deserve, as well as working on your behalf so that you shouldn’t have to go to court.